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Jyl Craven Hair Design

A Modern Salon Experience

By Anna Teal


Getting a new hairstyle is a simple thing, yet it can be so empowering. A visit to the salon can do wonders to boost confidence and lift one’s spirits. Guests of Jyl Craven Hair Design experience all that and more. From the lofty, chic, modern environment to the friendly, personal atmosphere, Jyl Craven has been a trusted source for all things hair — cut, color, and restoration — for more than 20 years

“Our ultimate goal is to make our guests feel like the best version of themselves when leaving our care,” says owner Jason Craven.


Beautiful Balayage


As summer quickly approaches, the desire for sun-kissed, lightened hair arises. Balayage is the best method for all who seek to lighten their locks in the most natural looking way possible. It’s applied to the hair in a sweeping, painted fashion. This hair lightening process is achieved in such a way that makes it easy for those who want to brighten their look.

So, is balayage or traditional foils for lightening hair better?

“It depends on the guest’s goals and maintenance needs,” explains owner Jyl Craven.

Foils provide a more uniform, symmetrical highlight compared to balayage’s softer effect. As far as maintenance goes, since balayage has such an organic look, the need to refresh highlights is less frequent than with foil lightening techniques.


Treating Hair Loss


Millions of women in the U.S. experience hair loss.

“While hair loss can be tough for men, it’s even more devastating for women. There’s a certain level of societal acceptance for men in going bald, while the same cannot be said for women,” explains Jyl.

This simple fact is what drove Jyl Craven Hair Design to start carrying a vast array of hair loss treatments beginning in 2012. Evolve Volumizer is a popular hair loss solution for women that addresses the issue of thinning hair on the top or crown of the head. Common causes are an imbalance of hormones, medications, thyroid problems, menopause, stress, and genetic conditions.

The Evolve Volumizer is an integrated hairpiece designed to promote voluminous hair and texture without the use of harsh chemicals. Each piece is made from 100% human hair, so it looks very natural. This solution is perfect for women who have lost no more than 50% of their natural hair.

An alternative to Evolve Volumizer is Jon Renau, which offers hair systems for every stage of hair loss, from beginning to mild to advanced. The systems use 100% human hair for the highest quality results. Once the system is in place, it can be styled and treated like normal hair.

And for those experiencing hair thinning, Jyl Craven offers Bellami hair extensions made of only the finest, cuticle intact, double-drawn, 100% Remy human hair.

“Hair extensions from Bellami are one of the most popular services our salon offers. These hair extensions can be washed, blow dried, flat ironed, or curled using hot tools — just like your own hair,” says Jyl.

The topic of hair loss can be a sensitive one, which is why Jyl Craven Hair Design offers private, intimate hair loss consultations. The team of certified stylists are trained to determine the best hair loss solution that fits their guest’s lifestyle and maintenance needs. To schedule a complimentary consultation and learn how you can instantly get the hair you deserve, call the salon today.


Hair Designer Apprenticeship Career Program

Another aspect that sets Jyl Craven apart is the hair designer apprenticeship program, which provides an alternative to a traditional cosmetology school. Both paths provide the same licensing options, but the experience can be quite different.

Jyl Craven’s apprenticeship program provides a complete coursework as required by the Georgia State Board of Cosmetology Hair Designer Apprenticeship transcript, along with progressive haircutting and hair coloring techniques. Apprentices also train alongside top producing hairstylists in the salon each week, learning real-world salon etiquette and practices.

“Our apprentices are set up for success. Upon completing their training and passing their state board of cosmetology exams, their transition to the salon floor as a stylist is a natural one. Our culture of ongoing training and development to foster growth has continued to make our program a success,” explains Jason.

For more information about the Jyl Craven Hair Designer Apprenticeship Program, please visit and click on the “careers” tab.

Regardless of one’s hair dreams or aspirations, Jyl Craven Hair Design invites all to enjoy a beautiful salon experience.


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