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We have the largest monthly circulation of community magazines, boasting over 30,000 copies printed each month, and over 28,000 of those are direct-mailed to the most highly sought after neighborhoods in the area., with the remaining copies placed on racks in local businesses in Woodstock and surrounding areas. Woodstock Family Life is the ONLY community magazine proudly distributed to downtown Woodstock and Towne Lake, north to Hickory Flat, and toward to Roswell border to the east.

Additionally, over 5,200 digital copies of Family Life are emailed to our subscribers. Every ad in the digital editions has a direct link to each advertiser’s website, so readers can easily access more information about local businesses further increasing their market and their profits.

Ask about a variety of advertising options including cover stories, sponsored column opportunities, and special sections. Our team of seasoned professionals is here to serve you and help create a cohesive marketing strategy.

It’s always a great time to add life to your business.

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