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Christian Brothers Automotive — Cherokee

Following the Golden Rule

By Ellen Samsell Salas

When Tony and Tracee Craft decided to open their Christian Brothers Automotive franchise in Canton, they didn’t foresee that the pandemic would make the first months of their enterprise very rough. But they did know that being fair, transparent, and responsive to their customers, in short — following the Golden Rule by treating their customers as they would want to be treated — would be the guiding principle of their endeavor.

“Love your neighbor as yourself. That’s the impossible commandment,” Tony said. “But we’re called to try.”

Servicing all makes and models, Christian Brothers Cherokee (CBC) is part of a family of more than 250 Christian Brothers franchises dedicated to the motto, “What brings us joy? ­— Taking good care of you.” From tune-ups and scheduled maintenance to prepurchase inspections and computer diagnostics, CBC goes above and beyond the typical car repair experience.

“We try to give the customer the best overall experience. The best techs, best technology, best parts, best warranty. Our customers love us, and we love them right back,” said Tony.

Teaming up with Christian Brothers Automotive was a natural fit, as Tony’s connection to the automotive repair business dates back to his great grandfather. But although Tony grew up around the business, it was his years serving as a pastor that sharpened his empathy for people who are having a bad day.

“People aren’t coming to us because they want to,” he said. “So, we try to treat every single customer like they’re family. When you’re coming to us, you’re getting a lasting repair at a fair price.”

Because they provide top quality service, CBC is happy to offer customers the Christian Brothers Nice Difference three-year, 36,000-mile (whichever comes last) limited warranty on parts and labor.

Providing the Best Technicians

Delivering top-notch service begins with the CBC technicians. Taking his time in the interview process, Tony looks for skilled techs who know today’s cars. He also looks for people who are going to care for the customers.

“I’m blown away by my guys. I’m blown away by what wonderful people they are,” he said. “The customers reap the rewards of that spirit.”

With Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certified technicians, three of whom are master technicians, the CBC stays current on the rapid developments in automobiles and is able to deliver fast, reliable service.

“Technology is growing by leaps and bounds. Today, a tech has to be an electrician, a grease monkey, a mechanical engineer,” Tony said. “I look for people 
who are not only caring, but also smart problem solvers.”

Creating Peace of Mind for Each Customer

Key to putting the customer first is being transparent and responsive. Technicians provide photos of the items they inspect, explain the work that needs to be done, and do not begin repairs until the customer authorizes them to proceed.

"We like everyone who comes through our door. We love the people who love us, and we value the few who don't because we can learn from them," Tony said.

If a customer has a question or concern, Tony calls them, listens, and asks how the team can make them happy. Customers can also rest assured that CBC will use only the best parts available.

“You might be able to get a repair done more cheaply, with lower quality parts, but if you’re planning on keeping the car, and if you want peace of mind, that’s what we try to provide,” Tony explained.

In the process of rolling out a customer loyalty program, CBC also provides the perks that are hallmarks of the Christian Brothers brand: complimentary shuttle service, clean waiting rooms, free Wi-Fi and beverages, and no worrying about how much the bill will be. That is made clear before work begins.

“We try to provide all of these services, so that the customer has peace of mind when he leaves our shop,” Tony said. “If our repair fails, we fix it at no cost. Customers shouldn’t have to fight, so we don’t.”

Helping Others

CBC’s commitment to the community extends beyond business hours. Tony and his team have partnered with local aid groups to service vehicles for homeless and disabled veterans, and they dedicate each October to helping those who lack the means to pay for vehicle repairs.

Raising their children, Mykaela, 6, and Jayden, 4, in Canton, Tony and Tracee remain committed to serving their customers and their neighbors.

“It’s a blessing to be able to do it,” Tony said. “We just want to love on people. We feel strongly about that.”

For more information or to schedule an appointment for a free inspection, please call or visit the CBC website.

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