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Book Review: The Most Likely Club

By Jessica Oravec 

Who were you in high school? Were you the jock? The cheerleader? The nerd? The outcast? Did you love high school, or were you counting the days until graduation? In The Most Likely Club by Elyssa Friedland, four best friends, Melissa, Priya, Tara, and Suki, are going places. Their yearbook’s senior superlatives section lists them as “Most Likely to Win the White House” (Melissa), “Most Likely to Cure Cancer” (Priya), “Most Likely to Open a Michelin-Starred Restaurant” (Tara), and “Most Likely to Join the Forbes 400” (Suki). But 25 years after graduation, nothing has gone according to plan. Suki is famous, but the others never quite made it. 

Melissa married her high school sweetheart, but a divorce has left her frazzled and questioning her choices. Priya is a doctor, but not the kind who finds a cure for cancer. Tara is teaching cooking classes to children, and her life is subsidized by her parents. But Suki has made it. Her makeup app has gone viral, and everyone wants to be Suki. 

When their 25th high school reunion comes up, Melissa, Tara, and Priya attend. And when a classmate who nobody remembers comes out of the woodwork to donate a large sum to the school, they decide that it’s time to rediscover who they used to be — to reach for their dreams — so they form the Most Likely Club. 

While attempting to reach at least some of their dreams, these women rediscover who they are and strengthen their friendships. And when their most successful member has a crisis, they drop everything to help. 

The Most Likely Club is a celebration of friendship and a reminder that it’s never too late to chase your dreams. As you get to know these characters, hopefully you’ll be inspired to dust off the dreams you had when you were younger and find a place for them in your life.