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Woodstock’s Thriving Arts Scene

For more than 100 years, April 15 has been tax day in America. As a business owner, I share your bad feelings about the day. This year, I'm choosing to focus on another celebration taking place that day. Did you know that April 15 is also World Art Day? I'm no artist. I can't sing or draw, and those who have heard my Spotify playlist have been quick to tell me that I don't have very good taste in music (I disagree). However, I married a woman with an incredible passion for the arts, and she has taught me so much about the critical role that the arts play in building a sense of community. Katie has served for several years as the president of the Board of Directors for Woodstock Arts, and the impact this organization has made in our city is incredible.

Community and economic advancement go hand in hand with the presence of the arts. As Toby Ziegler from The West Wing (one of my favorite shows) taught us, "There is a connection between progress of a society and progress in the arts. The age of Pericles was also the age of Phidias. The age of Lorenzo de Medici was also the age of Leonardo Da Vinci. The age of Elizabeth was the age of Shakespeare." We see this across history. Great things happen in amazing places when the arts are given opportunities to thrive, and Woodstock is no exception.

Woodstock Arts programs include an award-winning theatre, best-in-class concert series known as the Lantern Series under the stars on the Event Green, educational opportunities, and visual arts in the Reeves House Visual Arts Center. A recent statewide award winner, the Reeves House is well worth a visit for a coffee or glass of wine, while you explore its rotating art exhibits.

With numerous events every year, Woodstock Arts makes the arts accessible to all residents. In addition, our city is focused on providing room for creativity, imagination, and inventiveness with the Woodstock Summer Concert Series, dozens of venues offering live music, art galleries, makerspaces, and an in-progress public art master plan.

We stand on the precipice of our own Golden Age here in Woodstock. We rank as the 28th largest city in Georgia, and with more than 3 million visits last year, our downtown shopping district is one of the most visited destinations in the southeastern United States. We boast a thriving, growing business community. We've built a vibrant, walkable downtown. Our bustling shops and restaurants are among the best in the region, and yes — our arts scene offers more than ever before. Our community's storied past is still unfolding, and the arts have always been a critical component of our success.

Woodstock Arts is hosting its annual gala on April 22. I'd encourage you to find your way there, or break out this weekend and explore the countless expressions of the arts spread throughout our city. I'll see you there! 

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