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Woodstock’s Fiscal Year 2024 Budget

Of Woodstock City Council's many important duties, the most critical is the passage of a fiscally responsible, balanced budget every year. On June 12, the Council passed the budget ordinance, which I signed. This action provides our government with its Fiscal Year (FY) 2024 Budget, which is effective July 1, 2023, through June 30, 2024.

The Council and staff crafted a budget that accounts for a full millage rate rollback, meaning the City will lower its tax rate to ensure your property value increase over the past year won't result in an increase in your city property taxes. Some of the lowest tax rates in metro Atlanta are being assessed in Woodstock while still maintaining an exceptionally high quality of life and City services for residents.

FY 2024 Budget Allocation Breakdown

The most telling way to discover a person's priorities is to look at their checkbook. This same principle applies to governments. The total FY 2024 Budget allocates $93,232,841 spread over five funds:

1. General Fund 31.4% $29.29 million
2. Water-Sewer 15.3% $14.31 million
3. Storm Water 1.7% $1.54 million
4. SPLOST V 24.7% $22.99 million
5. Special/Int. Service 26.9% $25.10 million

Most of these funds are dedicated to specific purposes (i.e., Water-Sewer is a separate fund, intended to sustain clean water and sewer treatment services). The General Fund comprises the majority of the budget. It is divided as follows:

1. Police 28.63% $8.39 million
2. Fire 20.10% $5.89 million
3. Public Works 8.65% $2.53 million
4. Parks and Recreation 6.67% $1.95 million
5. Information Technology 6.27% $1.84 million
6. Municipal Court 4.57% $1.11 million
7. All Remaining City Government 31.38% $9.42 million

Combined, Woodstock's Police and Fire Departments account for 50% of the General Fund budget. These dollar amounts represent a 15% increase in spending on public safety over the FY 2023 Budget due to a historic 26% starting pay increase for police officers.

The next 26% of the General Fund is allocated across Public Works (infrastructure), Parks and Recreation, Information Technology, and Woodstock's judicial branch. Together, the first six departments that are listed comprise roughly 75% of the General Fund, and the remaining 25% is spread across the rest of city government.

What Does the FY 2023 Budget Say About Woodstock's Priorities?

First and foremost, we're prioritizing a safe city by investing in public safety compensation and attracting the best and brightest in the field to ensure Woodstock maintains its impressively low crime rates and remains among the safest cities in Georgia. We're also making massive investments in our infrastructure. From roadways to water and sewer, we're ensuring that Woodstock's physical foundations are built to last and will operate effectively. Investing in generational assets, such as parks and greenspace, is another priority, and we'll continue to consult our citizens to explore ways that we can do even more on this front, as the year progresses. The remainder of the budget is invested in critical priorities such as economic development, community development, information technology and so much more.

Overall, we're investing heavily in the areas that will build a sustainable, vibrant Woodstock for the next generation while maintaining some of the lowest tax rates in our region. We work hard to leave a city to our children that they will be proud to inherit, and we're grateful for your trust. 

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