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Celebrate Family Health and Fitness Day June 13!

The City of Woodstock staff invites residents to celebrate Family Health and Fitness Day Saturday, June 13, and discover how “Parks Build Healthy Communities.” Organized by the National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA), Family Health and Fitness Day promotes the importance of local parks and recreation in keeping communities healthy.

To celebrate, Woodstock Parks and Recreation encourages families to get active at outdoor recreational locations like Dupree Park or on trails like Towne Lake Pass.

“Woodstock Parks and Recreation works every day to build a healthier Woodstock,” said Parks and Recreation Director Michael Huffstetler. “Our goal is to provide residents better access to nature, so they can relieve stress, strengthen their immunity and their interpersonal relationships, and improve mental well-being.”

Woodstock residents also can participate in one of NRPA’s top five ways to get fit with parks and recreation: 

  • Take a Walk
  • Go for a Swim
  • Enroll in a Fitness Program
  • Create Your Own Exercise Routine
  • Play Outside 

Nationwide, parks and recreation departments offer year-round opportunities for families and individuals to stay active and fit. In fact, living close to parks and other recreation facilities is consistently related to higher physical activity levels for both adults and youth. To learn more about the health and wellness opportunities offered in the City of Woodstock, visit

Celebrated the second Saturday in June each year, Family Health and Fitness Day is an opportunity for everyone to get out and discover all the health benefits provided by their local parks and recreation department. To learn more about Family Health and Fitness Day, visit

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