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Big Reasons Why You Should Shop Small

Small businesses are a large part of what makes Woodstock authentic and vibrant. Our community needs to stand behind small businesses, especially now that the holiday season is over. Restaurants, personal services, and retailers need our continued support. While big box stores and massive online retailers offer convenience and competitive pricing, small businesses impact our local economy and character in irreplaceable ways.

The obvious way to support a Woodstock small business is to buy its products and services, but you can also share social media posts or buy a gift card if you don't have an immediate need for what the business offers. In addition, consider reaching out with an encouraging note or phone call. Many small business decision makers are facing tough choices right now, so be kind and patient when possible. Hint: it's always possible.

The City of Woodstock has created a relief package to help businesses in 2021. The City collects business license fees based on gross revenues. These fees will be waived in 2021 for small businesses with gross revenues of $1 million or less. The $30 administrative fee will also be waived.

An exception to this threshold will be made for Woodstock's seven hotels because of the major impact they have on tourism and economic development, as well as the effect of COVID-19 on these businesses. The annual regulatory fee of $250 for hotels will also be waived.

Restaurants in the City of Woodstock have been heavily affected. Direct assistance will be provided through a $750 renewal discount for the 63 on-premise consumption alcohol licensees and through assistance on business license renewals for many restaurants. Additionally, the City will make permanent the temporary retail package license offered during the pandemic and will extend it at no cost to restaurants.

Take note of the movements to save America's small businesses. American Express created Small Business Saturday and the Shop Small movement amid the recession in 2010.

More movements are gaining momentum in the current crisis. Small Unites is a national movement founded by Capital One, supporting small businesses with access to funds and resources to move forward and keep doors open.

Independent We Stand is a movement of independently owned businesses, sponsored by tool company Stihl, aimed at "rebuilding America one Main Street at a time" by providing locally owned businesses and their customers with tools and resources to understand the positive impacts of buying independent.

If you're a small business owner and need help to overcome the challenges of COVID-19, the Small Business Administration offers information on multiple funding options at Reach out for help from programs and the people around you. You matter to us.
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