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What drives you?

Have you driven a vehicle with the type of cruise control that automatically causes you to decelerate when going down hills? During my first time utilizing this technology, the car I was driving wasn't new; in fact, it was only a couple years newer than the one I'd been driving for several years. The updated cruise control held its speed by acceleration without any "thought" to braking or downshifting to slow down. So, the change was welcome — one less decision to have to make in the moment.

After a few speed zones, I became more at ease and allowed the car's assistance to help me by letting it perform how it was engineered. I didn't worry so much and just let the cruise control, well, control. Cruise.

This experience led me to think about what is controlling me and the innate surrendering I thought I'd found, yet sometimes still feel I know better. Many decisions are made that I, as an individual, cannot control. Still, I often find myself worrying about those things anyway.

Once we realize (and maybe get humbled enough) how apparent it is that we aren't in charge, it's time to lighten up a little, knowing that "all systems are go," and everything is going to be as it should. We should just keep our eyes forward, focused, and steer in the right direction.

What drives you?

I wish you safe travels on the road ahead and into 2023. May you have much peace and happiness in the new year.

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