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Season of Self-Discovery

"Ba-dee-ya, say do you remember, ba-dee-ya, dancing in September, ba-dee-ya, never was a cloudy day!" I hope you sang those popular Earth Wind & Fire lyrics in your head (even better if you sang them out loud!). September brings the official first day of autumn (9/23), so we can look forward to cooler temps, fall holidays and festivities, and the return of college and professional football games.

Though I'm very excited about college and professional football, I especially enjoy the nostalgia of high school football season, which is already underway. Coasting along Eagle Drive in the late afternoon sun, windows down, passing Etowah High School (my alma mater) with the aroma of the field's freshly cut grass, hearing the faint collision of shoulder pads and helmets crashing together, the chants of cheerleaders practicing their routines, and the marching band perfecting its halftime show in the distance will always make me long for days gone by.

In Cherokee County, September also brings the beloved Riverfest Arts and Crafts Festival, now in its 39th year, to raise funds for local children in need. Be sure to read page 17 for more information about this wonderful event.

And, since summer is winding down, we'll soon begin harvesting the final spoils from our gardens. Check out this month's feature on pages 24-25 for information about freezing or canning your fruits and veggies to savor during colder months. After all, there's nothing quite like enjoying a jar of salsa made from homegrown tomatoes at a tailgate party or family gathering.

Whatever else September may be bringing into our lives, we can be sure that it will also usher in some sort of change or new beginning, large or small. Most of us are familiar with the saying, "Nothing is constant but change." So, I challenge you to embrace whatever new circumstances may come your way. Make this autumn your season of self-discovery; the one where you find out more about what you're capable of and how strong you truly are. Aristotle said it best, "Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom." 

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