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Decisions, Decisions

Every day, each of us must make multiple decisions that affect various parts of our lives and/or the lives of others. For instance, this month, our staff had to choose the best short story to publish out of dozens of worthy submissions from local creative writers for our annual Short Story Contest (see pages 26-27 to read the winning story!).

We make major and minor decisions about everything from career changes or investment opportunities that affect our financial livelihoods to what we will wear to work or make for dinner. And since this is an election year, those of us who are old enough to vote will be educating ourselves about the candidates who are running for various political and public service positions, so we can make informed decisions about who should fill those important roles (see pages 16-17
and 22-23 to get a jump on learning about two local candidates, one is running for Cherokee County Sheriff and one is running for the Georgia House of Representatives).

But sometimes, we must make a choice about something that seemingly doesn't present us with any good options, often forcing us to select "the lesser of two evils" or to choose something that requires us to do something that is out of our comfort zone. These are the types of situations that can render us immobile or even frozen in fear, so occasionally, we procrastinate or simply refuse to decide at all.

But what is lost when we leave things up to chance or fate when we have a choice in the matter?

Marcus Tullius Cicero said, "More is lost by indecision than wrong decision." In essence, if we don't make a choice when options are available to us, whether what we choose ends up being the best decision or not, we are depriving ourselves of a chance to learn. And actually, deciding not to choose is still a choice. So, why not select an option that will either be beneficial to you and/or those you care about or will at least teach you something that will help you avoid future undesired outcomes? The choice is yours. Choose wisely.

Happy May! 

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