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Publisher's Perspective

Admittedly, I've found a little more hope since I quit marking up yesterday's calendar. My particular revelation is that the days simply flow better when they start fresh, clean, and new. Waking up may or may not be your favorite part of the day, but eventually we all do so — if we're inclined, and allowed, and blessed with the opportunity.

Of course, we may or may not wake to fortune, good looks, or fame, but we all wake by grace. We awaken to a new beginning and a new set of circumstances that will no doubt fall into place. As days pass into dusks, regardless of daylight savings, time zones, or latitudes, each of us will not become the sum of an array of simple circumstances that we surely will find ourselves in but divided or multiplied by our individual reactions to each of them.

"We are either in the process of denying God's will or in the process of being shaped and molded by it." –Charles Stanley

Our attitude and the choices we make within the given allotment of those circumstances is how we will perceive and thereby define our individual happiness. If we can find a way to acknowledge that the hand we've been dealt are the cards we must play, and then do the best we can to make the right choice — that's something to be happy about.

When given the chance to make a little happiness, create some comfort or peace for someone, I hope I find the courage. A positive moment of your time may be the small difference in someone's life that they need to shift the balance to the good. We can look forward to seeing lives change for the better, even if only by one simple shared smile. 

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