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“An escalator can never break; it can only become stairs.” -Mitch Hedberg, comedian

One Sunday last month, I was visiting a different church than the one I typically frequent. The Hedberg quote was on the front of the bulletin, and it was familiar to me because I'd pondered it in the past. I found it satisfying to realize that something as simple as an escalator may have inspired me. Initially, I thought to myself, "Yes! Escalators lift people up." However, that was more than likely just my "glass-half-full" attitude putting a happy haze on general reality. That's not typically a bad thing, but the teenagers in my house find it annoying at times. Of course, the opposing observation is that escalators also let us down half the time (albeit gently) or if not working as expected, step after step.

Most have had times when we couldn't wait to get somewhere or finish a project, and we just weren't satisfied by the end result. Those are the times when we realize that what we thought was the finish line was actually the end of a lap or just another marker on our way. Despite what we think may have gone wrong, it's important to remember to embrace even our most difficult lessons as opportunities to become more adaptive, to react positively, and to build directives that lead us to success. God promises us a safe landing, not a calm passage.

Eight years ago this month, building upon decades of a trial-and-error lifestyle, I and a half dozen others opened the doors of Family Life Publications in historic downtown Canton and began publishing this magazines for our community to enjoy. I'm very thankful and blessed to work with such a diverse and well-integrated work family. Our editor, Julie, along with her assistant, Cyndi, make us look smarter; Tiffany and Stephanie in the art department make us look pretty; and my wife, Vicky, keeps the records straight and me focused.

Building relationships within my community, helping businesses thrive and families discover how much this county has to offer is so rewarding. I can honestly tell you that I never thought I'd love publishing as much as I do! Thank you for enjoying our success with us, and we look forward to the years ahead with you. 

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