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Coming Soon! Downtown Playground at Elm Street Green

A new downtown playground will soon provide children with a unique play space. Located on the Elm Street Arts Village event green property along Market Street between Oak and Maple Street, the property will be designed as a natural playground, incorporating trees, elements, and textures from the existing landscape.

The playground will include an Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessible boardwalk to enter the site from the corner of Market and Maple Streets, which leads to an accessible play area. This area includes elements meant to engage users with music and building pieces.

A natural path will lead from there through hammocks and tables to another play area, which includes a 20-foot tall jungle explorer dome, designed for children ages 5-12 to interact in different ways with the structure. Additional features include climbing mounds and tunnels through earthen berms.

While every effort has been made to design and build the project within the existing tree canopy, some tree removal will be necessary for safety. The total budget for the playground is $510,000 and has been funded utilizing SPLOST and the Parks and Rec Impact Fee Funds. Completion of this project is anticipated to be early June.