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Delivering Expert Advice To Help You Plan and Achieve A Sound Financial Future

By Ellen Samsell Salas

Whether they are 30 or 50, have $500 or $5 million, most people try to envision what their retirement will look like. Will they finally be able to vacation in Europe or buy that long-wished-for house on the lake? Will they be able to afford top-notch medical care or help their grandkids achieve their college dreams? And yet, for many, just the word “finance” is intimidating, causing them to avoid questions about how to save, how to invest, and what their retirement will actually look like.

For Aaron Vincent, founder and partner of Woodstock’s Vincent Financial Group, his mission is to help clients plan for their retirement and navigate the complex ins and outs of wealth management.

“I’m here to help people make decisions. I hope to ease their minds,” Vincent said.

As a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) and fiduciary, Vincent and his team bring years of expertise to help clients achieve realistic outcomes. To assist with strategizing and creating the best plans, Vincent is complemented by his local team as well as a broader team of experts in financial planning, taxes, investment management, and legal questions.

Peace of Mind Starts With a Plan Customized for Each Client

At the heart of Vincent Financial Group’s philosophy is recognizing that no two clients have the same financial picture or the same objectives. Helping each client achieve their unique goals begins with A.) Understanding the client’s current profile, including their age, income, and assets, and B.) Defining the future that each client hopes to have.

“Only when we clarify points A and B can we arrive at the best strategy to achieve point B,” Vincent explained. “I typically won’t invest for you until we do this planning. I have to know what each client’s goals are before I can invest their money. I don’t know how an investment advisor can do it without this crucial information. You have to know what you are managing.”

“That strategy is a plan, not merely a budget,” Vincent added. “It’s a ‘roadmap’ that, while keeping the desired outcomes in mind, helps clients make prudent financial decisions. Each plan is a living, breathing document that changes with the changes in life — births, deaths, illnesses, early retirement — we don’t come with a presumed menu of portfolios focused on a certain niche.”

“I like the Swiss army knife approach — we know things are going to change, so let’s plan for a lot of things,” Vincent continued. “Whether a person is in the early stages of planning or within a few years of retirement, employing strategies that include multiple investment options to account for market volatility, inflation, tax-efficient strategies, etc., is the best way to achieve the desired result.”

Once they have met with a financial planner and created a plan, many people step back and hope for the best. The key to the approach at Vincent Financial is that the plan can be flexible.

“We are creating a portfolio that can be nimble. If this happens, we can pivot here; if that happens, we can pivot elsewhere. There is always uncertainty, nobody can avoid that. You offset it with a sound financial plan, with knowledge, and by being nimble,” Vincent said.

Input From an Unbiased Third Party

Not only do clients receive the benefits of Vincent’s expertise, but they are also informed through unbiased third-party, state-of-the-art planning software. Able to demonstrate the impact of fluctuations in the economic climate as well as changes in the client’s life, the software assists clients with making decisions in saving and managing their savings.

“The planning software allows us to run stress tests — inflation, changes in the stock market, or changes in tax laws, or personal changes such as births, illness, and death,” Vincent said. “Showing how these variables might impact one’s financial outcome guarantees that the plan isa living, breathing document that can respond to these potential changes.”

Ongoing Advice and Education

Engaging Vincent Financial to help map one’s future is not a one-stop experience. Vincent and his team remain invested in their clients’ futures. The advisors at the firm prefer to meet with clients at least once or twice a year to assess how things are working and ensure that their plan responds to any changes, and clients may call upon the group’s team of specialists whenever questions arise.

Underpinning the expertise of Vincent Financial’s team is a sincere desire to earn each client’s trust, to help them have a plan, make informed financial choices, and achieve their retirement goals.

“I get a lot of satisfaction because, at the very least, our clients will know the truth, what’s real, what’s not real, and how they can better understand the choices and decisions that impact their futures.”

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