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Tranquility Fine Arts Gallery

Art Inspiring Hope

By Anna Teal

Those who have taken a stroll down Main Street in downtown Woodstock may have noticed a pristine brick building that houses a gallery filled with all things art – a true array of refreshing, colorful inspiration. Tranquility Fine Arts Gallery is a haven for those who wish to purchase fine art from highly accomplished artists. The Gallery also offers opportunities through art classes and social events for those who aim to channel their inner Picasso under artistic direction. No matter the kind of art enthusiast, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

A Natural Expansion
Dr. Shannon Barnes, owner of Tranquility Counseling Services, holds a doctorate degree in counseling studies and has been active in the mental health field since 2008. She returned to education through the Academy of Art University to pursue a master’s degree in fine art painting, which led her to open Tranquility Fine Arts Gallery.

“My father was an artist. Well, actually, he was an accountant by profession, but an artist by calling,” says Dr. Barnes. His love for art made such an impression on her that when he died in 2011, she entered the fine arts field to carry on his legacy and further remember him.

Art has always been an important piece of Tranquility Counseling Services, as Dr. Barnes would often donate money collected from her personal art sales to community organizations such as local churches, mental health awareness programs, and Toys for Tots. The gallery grew from these sweet acts
of kindness.

Inspiration at Its Finest
Tranquility Fine Arts Gallery not only houses many exquisite works for sale, set to impress any art enthusiast, but also carries on her father’s legacy by inspiring the message of positivity that Dr. Barnes so fondly remembers from his craft. The Gallery features a mix of local and out-of-state artists, with works ranging from $600 to $11,000.

“What I love about our gallery is that each piece of art carries a story. A story that inspires hope and purpose. Of course, each artist and piece of artwork is different, but my hope is that buyers will connect with one that speaks to them and continue to be inspired, as their purchased art is displayed in their home,” says Dr. Barnes.

The 800-square-foot space houses a variety of contemporary and traditional paintings. Some are hung on mobile walls that are constantly moving, while others are proudly displayed in big, bright windows for all to enjoy.

“We allow many flexible shopping options for our guests. They may come into the gallery, or they can reserve a virtual appointment and shop with a gallery representative through a live video session. We, like many local businesses, offer curbside pickup as well,” explains Dr. Barnes.

Connect Over Paint and Chat Events
Spending life at home due to the emergence of COVID-19 has taken a toll on many people’s mental health, which Dr. Barnes understands all too well.

“We want to help people break through the isolation,” Dr. Barnes says.

For this reason, Tranquility Fine Arts Gallery will host a variety of paint and chat events throughout the year with various seasonal themes. These events will allow attendees to enjoy socially distanced interaction while quenching their desire to paint like the pros. Speaking of pros, every event will be taught by experienced artists.

“What makes our paint and chat events so different is that we provide a structured and interactive event designed to be fun and entertaining while creating a connection to art and community,” explains Dr. Barnes.

Private paint and chat sessions are also available for bridal showers, birthday parties, or other special events upon request.

Featured events will take place to highlight individual artists. These events allow art enthusiasts to meet the artists whose work they may decide to purchase.

When visitors enter the Tranquility Arts studio for an event, they will be greeted by a warm and welcoming environment, making them feel right at home with a sense of family. The large windows allow lots of natural light, highlighting all the beautiful works inside. It’s a space that speaks to the Gallery’s purpose of inspiring positivity.

While enjoying a paint and chat social event, guests will be gathering under the safety of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines to protect all in attendance from the spread of COVID-19. Masks are not mandatory but encouraged. Those looking to bring snacks are welcome to do so. Water, wine, and coffee are all complimentary during each event.

To register for a paint and chat event, view current works for sale, or learn more information about the Gallery and featured artist events, please visit the website.

Tranquility Fine Arts Gallery
9194 South Main Street, Suite 1B, Woodstock