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The Kragor Difference

Creating Exceptional Smiles and Lifelong Memories

By Anna Teal

A smile is worth more than a thousand words at Kragor Orthodontics, and it is the best first impression you can provide. This is a foundation for the Kragors practice and a testament to their patient-centric approach. The practice is well known in the community as a haven for those looking to improve their smile in a friendly, comfortable, and clean environment. The staff creates beautiful smiles, whether it be through clear aligners like Invisalign or through clear, self-ligating, or traditional braces.

Drs. Andy and Ambre Kragor have grown their large following through simple acts of courtesy and kindness. This sincere level of attentiveness is exactly what makes Kragor Orthodontics a shining star in the Canton, Woodstock, and Towne Lake communities.

When the Kragors opened their practice in 2016, they had a mission to extend compassionate care and excellent service to their patients. This power couple identified early on the value of their community. Their humble beginnings were supported by the same community members they so proudly serve today whom they like to call their Kragor Ortho Family.

A Husband and Wife Team

You may wonder how two orthodontists ended up married to each other. It is rare to see this combination of professionals, and they are currently the only husband and wife board-certified orthodontics team in Georgia to practice together.

After they graduated from college and dental school, Dr. Ambre and Dr. Andy met at the University of Michigan during their orthodontics residency. There, they both graduated at the top of their class while obtaining their Masters in Science in Orthodontics. After graduation, they moved back to their native Georgia, got married, and started their life together.

The Kragor Difference

With patient care at the forefront of their minds, the Kragors set themselves apart in several ways; one of which is their value of time.

We feel its important to respect our patients time and practice prompt appointment scheduling. Time is one of our most valuable assets, explains Dr. Andy.

Their sense of courtesy extends through their dedication to providing real-life interactions.

When you call our office, youll always talk to one of our team members. Our patients have direct access to our team, and that includes both Ambre and me, says Dr. Andy. Its another personal touch that speaks volumes about their dedication to building relationships and unprecedented support within their practice.

A Clean and Modern Experience

The Kragors not only want their patients to feel at home in their care, but they also want them to feel good about being in a clean and safe environment especially since the emergence of COVID-19. Their practice adheres to both the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration guidelines for universal precautions of infection control in health care. To ensure everyones safety, this approach treats all patients as if they were known to be infectious with bloodborne pathogens, which prevents the spread of any known virus and, in turn, protects those in close contact.

Drs. Ambre and Andy are also raising the bar by providing a pleasant and inviting modern office environment. The waiting area features a movie room for children and a parent lounge complete with a coffee bar and bottled waters. It is a place you can catch your breath for a few minutes in your busy day.

The doctors use modern, state-of-the-art equipment that includes digital imaging radiographs, 3-D scanners, and printers.

We use secure, HIPPA-compliant software and communications services, Dr. Andy says.

A Heart for Service and Community

The Kragor family exhibits their true love of community through their active support for local schools, charities, and sports teams.

Andy and I have a passion for our practice and business, but what we do for our community thats our legacy, says Dr. Ambre.

Dr. Ambre lends her kind, compassionate spirit, coupled with unmatched expertise, to Childrens Healthcare of Atlanta (CHOA) regularly. She treats children, teens, and babies with craniofacial syndromes such as cleft lip or cleft palate. She employs a comprehensive care approach, focusing not only on the outcome, but taking care to provide her patients with a fun and exciting journey.

Dr. Andy, known for his charismatic, outgoing nature, also enjoys volunteering to support the cleft lip and cleft palate patient community.

Celebrating Four Wonderful Years

This August, Kragor Orthodontics will turn 4 years old. The Kragors attribute their growth to their community and are thankful to those who have supported them. This fall, they hope to express their gratitude by giving back to local educators and schools. The lifelong memories they create with their patients are almost as important as the finished smile.

For more information about Kragor Orthodontics, please visit the website or call to schedule a complimentary consultation. Experience #TheKragorDifference on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, or in person.

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