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Restore Hyper Wellness

Improving Quality of Life for All Ages

By Jennifer Paire

Restore Hyper Wellness, the award-winning creator of a new category in proactive health — hyper wellness — is creating a stir in downtown Woodstock.

The family- and veteran-owned new location offers IV drips, intramuscular injections, mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy, cryotherapy, an infrared sauna, and more.

“Everyone seems to love the culture of Restore, and it seems to match the culture of Woodstock. So far, people have been so welcoming and excited about our services,” said medical professional and owner Ali Korf. She has owned the Vinings location for three years.

“We want to help people expand their health span, which is how long they are able to do what they love to do, do more,” added Korf. “Our clients come in looking for performance recovery, improved immune systems, and increased energy production. We also have many people wanting to focus on mental clarity and brain health, so they are staying mentally sharp for as long as possible.”

“I am very interested in more of the preventative wellness side of the healthcare system and trying to help patients get away from reactive medicine,” said Korf, a nurse practitioner by trade and a regular client of Restore’s services. “We spend a lot of time educating our clients about what we have to offer and the long-term benefits.”

Created in 2015, Restore Hyper Wellness is wildly popular with clients of all ages, from teens to those in their 80s and beyond, who make investing in their health a priority. The company was named No.1 Best in Business in the Wellness category by Inc. magazine in 2020 and 2022 and experienced system-wide sales growth of 65%. Restore has about 225 locations in the U.S.

“Awesome team, awesome environment, and many great services,” wrote client Adam Stasevich in a five-star Google review. “The IV was easy and painless, and we will 100% be back.”

Proactive Medical Services

Restore’s medical offerings received high praise the first week the studio was open.

Restore offers custom IV drips and intramuscular injections of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants that are individualized and administered by registered nurses, using protocols that ensure safety and efficacy.

“That is something that sets us apart from other hydration bars — all of our services are provided by registered nurses, and clients all see a nurse practitioner before receiving any medical service,” said Korf. “We only employ registered nurses, and we are very meticulous about the way we administer each ingredient.”

Restore’s team includes four nurses and four wellness professionals with extensive backgrounds as certified personal trainers, nutrition specialists, and exercise science.

The team spends a lot of time helping clients determine what they need, using Restore’s biomarker assessment to determine whether there are any insufficiencies in 52 different vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.

“We have a specialized lab that looks at your individual cells and what your body needs, introducing the vitamins and minerals to blood cells to see if they are reactive, which means you may benefit from more,” Korf explained. “That’s what sets our process apart from a traditional panel.”

Hyperbaric oxygen treatments are one of Korf’s favorites. Clients enter a bubble-shaped chamber with mild pressurization and are administered oxygen to help boost energy, improve sleep, and support muscle recovery. The oxygen treatment speeds healing after surgery, too.

Nurturing the Body

One of Restore’s founding goals was to bring the same wellness treatments once reserved for movie stars, musicians, and professional athletes to the average person.

“I personally would rather invest in my health,” said Korf. “It depends on that individual and how they want to invest their money.”

“I have some stay-at-home moms as clients, and this offers them a getaway where they can come in and experience compression therapy while they have an IV,” said Korf. “They leave with new energy to go home and take care of the kids and all of their other tasks.”

Restore’s services are primarily membership-based, promoted as a lifestyle. The most popular subscription costs $169 per month and includes up to two IV drips. Multiple and single services and various packages are 
also available.

“These services are a lifestyle, to meet any budget and to see the long-term benefits for immunity, clarity, and recovery,” Korf shared. “You need to do them several times. It’s the same concept as going to the gym. You are not going to gain muscle from one visit.”

Drop by Restore Hyper Wellness — the team would love to talk to you about your current and long-term health needs.

Services Include:

  • IV Drip therapy, infuses fluids with an extensive menu of essential vitamins, nutrients, minerals, and amino acids to provide hydration and help boost the body's natural defense system. 
  • Whole body cryotherapy, or cold therapy, which is beneficial for injuries, reducing inflammation, and increasing collagen production. 
  • Infrared sauna, which boost metabolism, the immune system, and heart health. 
  • Red light therapy, which promotes healing, greater energy levels, and a balanced mood. 
  • Compression therapy, which applies dynamic pressure to arms, legs, and hips, improving the flow of blood and lymphatic fluid and boosting exercise recovery and healing. 
  • Hyperbaric 02 therapy, designed to help you regain your cognitive edge while enhancing the body's natural healing processes


Grand Opening: January 18-21
Ribbon Cutting Ceremony: January 18, 10:00am

420 Chambers Street, Woodstock
The public is invited.

Restore Hyper Wellness

420 Chambers Street
Woodstock, GA