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Public Safety: Safety Town Makes a Successful Comeback

By Lisa M. Grisham, CPSTI

After three years of waiting, Safety Town Camp returned this June. Hosted by Safe Kids Cherokee County, this camp is a cooperation of many agencies and businesses. For one week, from 9:00am-12:00pm each day, campers experience safety lessons in a fun interactive environment. Lessons include information about bike, bus, fire, pedestrian, stranger, and water safety. Each day, the kids ride carts in a miniature “town” and learn about road rules. This is the highlight of their day. Safety Town is usually for entering kindergarteners, but it was also open to first graders this year.

Community partners are what make this camp so awesome. Camp counselors are teen volunteers who earn community hours for school. Each day, special guests volunteer their time to teach.

The campers learn about the following subjects:

  • The Army Corps of Engineers teaches water safety.
  • Georgia Safe Route to School and Georgia Bikes teach bike and pedestrian safety and ensure the children’s helmets fit properly for riding.
  • The Cherokee County Marshal’s Office and Animal Shelter teach dog bite prevention.
  • The Farm Bureau and AgPro teach tractor safety.
  • E-911 teaches what to do in an emergency.
  • Cherokee County School District transportation employees teach bus safety.
  • Cherokee County Emergency Management Agency teaches weather safety.
  • A Safe Kids certified staff member teaches poison safety.
  • Tiger Rock Martial Arts teaches self-defense.

Thursday is spent teaching kids about the dangers of strangers and who is considered a stranger. Afterward, the campers are put to the test on the playground to see if they leave with a “stranger” (set up by Safety Town). This is a tough lesson. Much gratitude goes to the Cherokee County School Police staff who assist with this scary yet important lesson as well as help with other lessons all week.

Friday is devoted to fire safety. A fun show with Freddie the Firetruck, a tour through the Fire Safety House, and, of course, a fire truck tour and instruction from local fire crews on what firefighters in full gear look like, so the kids know not to run from them during a fire.

Additionally, each day includes craft time, story time, and snacks. Parents also receive updates with safety tips that reinforce the lessons. At the end of the week, the kids graduate from Safety Town with a medal of honor and celebrate with their families 
and friends.

We look forward to teaching more families how to be safe at home, at play, and on the road at next year’s Safety Town. For additional safety information, visit or call 678-493-4343.

Special thanks to Cherokee County Fire & Emergency Services, lead agency for Safe Kids Cherokee County, and also Cherokee County School District, which provides the facility where this important camp is held.