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Public Safety: Connecting With Our Community Throughout 2023

By District Attorney Susan K. Treadaway

When you think of the District Attorney’s Office, you may think of what prosecutors do inside the courthouse, where we closed more than 2,700 cases in the first 10 months of this year, including cases in Superior Court and Juvenile Court as well as probation revocations.

But our work does not stop there. My staff and I also serve important roles in state organizations, county task forces, and community groups.

In 2023, we had the opportunity to speak to many community groups, including the Woodstock Teen Public Safety Academy, the Parent University program presented by the Cherokee County School District, the Distinguished Young Women of Georgia, Woodstock Citizen’s Public Safety Academy, and the Cherokee County Domestic Violence Vigil.

We provide training for law enforcement officers, prosecutors, victim advocates, and others in Cherokee County, throughout our state, and beyond.

Also, we give back to our community by volunteering our time, talents, and resources. Each year, we participate in community service projects as a team. We invite our colleagues in the justice system to join in as well. Some of these projects include holiday gift drives that benefit local schoolchildren and senior citizens, the Give a Kid a Chance backpack drive, food drives, and community events.

The District Attorney’s Office staff is committed to excellence and service both within and outside the courthouse. We care about the people of our community and show this compassion by our willingness to step up and do for others.

I am honored to work with such an amazing team, and I thank you, the citizens of Cherokee County, for entrusting me to serve as your district attorney.