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Northpoint Roofing Systems

Reinventing Roofing

By Anna Teal

Our world is changing, and the roofing industry is evolving right along with it. Yes, professionals can assist with a roof, but now the industry has new options that are smarter, more innovative, and more environmentally friendly than ever before. Northpoint Roofing is a prime example of a local business leading the way by offering revolutionary technology for homeowners.

AI Technology

Northpoint Roofing has provided outstanding commercial and residential roofing services to the community for more than four years. While the company’s roofing process and implementation are exceptional, its free drone inspections that use AI technology with deep learning capabilities are what set Northpoint Roofing apart from others in the industry.

“Other companies use drones, but our drones are so advanced that they practically fly themselves. We have FAA-certified drone pilots monitoring our drones that capture an entire roof and show the amount of damage that leads to unseen deterioration and moisture issues that are present,” explains Joseph Happe, founder.

This drone technology aligns with the company’s commitment to superior customer service.

“We use AccuWeather and Predictive Weather applications to survey and reach out to areas with hail and high wind damage. Our frontline sales team will offer a free drone inspection to homes in those areas. This inspection educates homeowners on the impact of a storm while also saving them a lot of money and hassle in the long run,” explains Chelsea Glass, director of marketing.

Once a home undergoes a drone inspection, a roofing report is created that assesses the condition of the home. Roofing consultants review the report with the homeowner and share their recommendations.

“What some people don't realize is that if a house has damage and it’s not reported in a timely manner, it can be difficult to claim an active leak on an insurance policy because the homeowner neglected to report it. We desire to help our community avoid such a situation by proactively reaching out,” says Glass. “If a new roof isn’t approved, we have access to information that tells us if other people in the same neighborhood have had a new roof funded by insurance. This is extremely helpful when filing a claim on our customer’s behalf.”  

Sleek Solar Shingles

Another thing that sets Northpoint Roofing apart is the solar options the company offers, including new GAF Timberline solar shingles.

“Most people own their homes, so why not own their power, too?” says Keith Priddy, founder.

Solar shingles are not to be confused with solar panels, and the difference between the two comes down to aesthetics. Solar shingles are a sleek new visual option for homeowners who want to harness the sun’s power to reduce their energy bills. Similar to the GAF Timberland HTZ shingle, customers can choose from various colors and options. These shingles blend in with the design elements of a home rather than standing out.

“Customers not only get a durable and stable roof, but also a financially smart roof, and they save on their energy bills over time,” says Priddy.

Water shedding and strong, solar shingles can withstand winds up to 30 mph, making them extremely durable with minimal required maintenance.

The benefits of solar are endless. Solar adds value to a home, reduces the carbon footprint, and reduces ever-rising energy costs.

“Investors in solar shingles receive a 30% tax credit, which can be very enticing,” says Priddy. “I personally oversee all our solar shingle installations to ensure our customers receive top-notch service.”  

Reliable Values

The origin of the name “Northpoint” relates to everything that has to do with the home.

“Our mission is to offer customers compassion, guidance, and full roof protection with the latest technology,” explains Priddy.

Northpoint Roofing offers a 25-year materials warranty and 10-year warranty on craftsmanship. The company also carries GAF shingles, which are the No. 1 selling shingles in America.

Northpoint was awarded nationally for Best of the Best for four years, Best of the Best in Gwinnett, Best of Life 2023 in Woodstock Family Life magazine, and the coveted GAF Master Elite Residential Roofing Contractor Award in a record-breaking three years. In addition, the company continues to land among the top 100 roofing contractors, making it a top 1% roofing contractor in the U.S.

The Northpoint Roofing team recently participated in Habitat for Humanity and provided two new roofs to families in need.

“Every person on our team is at the heart of our company and plays a vital role in giving back to provide an award-winning customer experience,” explains Happe.

To schedule a free inspection or for more information about solar shingles, please call Northpoint Roofing or visit the website.

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