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Feel Better, Look Better and Be Healthier

By Ellen Samsell Salas

Now welcoming patients in Canton as well as in their Cumming clinic, North Georgia Vein & Wellness aims to improve the overall health of its patients. Using state-of-the-art technology and treatments, the clinic treats vein problems and hormonal imbalances and also provides aesthetic services.

Get Your Legs Back
While many sufferers tolerate heavy/achy legs, varicose veins, and spider veins, believing that the problem is only cosmetic, such conditions often cause discomfort and sometimes serious health concerns. With over 20 years of experience, Dr. Peter Wrobel specializes in diagnosing and treating vein disorders and their associated problems.

Dr. Wrobels goal is for his patients to enjoy optimum vein health and the cosmetic benefits of vein procedures and to feel better. While healthy veins have one-way valves that help return blood back to the heart, he explains, with chronic venous insufficiency (CVI), dilated or leaky valves allow blood to flow backwards and pool, causing not only the visible signs of vein conditions such as bulging veins and spider veins, but also swelling, tired, or achy legs, and night cramps.

A more serious concern is the risk of inflammation of the veins (phlebitis) and potentially life-threatening blood clots and pulmonary embolisms. With treatment, not only will the patients legs look better, they will be healthier.

Our goal is to make your legs feel much better, more youthful, and less uncomfortable as well as helping the overall appearance of the legs, said Dr. Wrobel.

Often, CVI sufferers accept their condition, assuming it is merely cosmetic, part of the aging process, an inherited trait, or a result of being pregnant or overweight. Others are deterred from seeking treatment because they fear it will require hospitalization and a lengthy recovery. But Dr. Wrobel, who has performed over 10,000 vein procedures, assures patients that they do not need to accept their condition.

Employing the latest techniques and technology, Dr. Wrobel specializes in procedures that are less invasive than past treatments. Patients no longer need to be hospitalized, undergo general anesthesia, or embark on lengthy recovery regimens.

The first step to getting help is to visit the clinic, where a venous ultrasound technician will map the patients veins. Based on the ultrasound findings, in addition to the patients history and symptoms, Dr. Wrobel will outline a customized treatment plan.    

Every patient is different, and every vein is unique, Dr. Wrobel explained. Our plan of treatment changes with every individual patient based on the pathology of their veins, the degree of symptoms, and the overall appearance of the legs.

While no referral is needed to visit the clinic, Dr. Wrobel apprises each patients primary care physician of his treatment recommendations. Most vein procedures are covered by medical insurance and Medicare, and clinic staff work with insurance companies to determine coverage.

All procedures are completed in the clinic. Typically, a patient is in the office for a brief period of time and resumes normal activities immediately.

Feel Better Through BioTE Hormone Therapy
The clinic also addresses hormonal imbalance through BioTE pellet therapy. Many patients attribute lack of energy and mental focus, difficulty sleeping, mood swings, and weight gain to the stress of everyday life. But, as Physician Assistant Dan Ayers explains, hormonal imbalances can be the root of symptoms, and often treatments only address symptoms.

Ayers stresses that while relieving symptoms is one positive result of hormone treatment, it is not the only goal.

Yes, as their hormonal deficiencies are repleted, patients do feel better, Ayers said. They sleep better, possess more energy, have mood stability, and experience weight loss while increasing some muscle mass. But along with some symptom improvement within the first week of pellet placement, they are also receiving additional preventative benefits.

Diagnosis is done through comprehensive blood work, and the prescribed pellet therapy is designed to restore that patients hormones to his/her optimum level. Studies have shown that because BioTEs hormones are bioidentical to each patients hormones, they do not carry the risks associated with synthetic hormones.

While Dr. Wrobel provides vein treatment 100% of the time, in addition to hormone replacement therapy, Ayers also offers aesthetic procedures. Sclerotherapy is a treatment of spider veins, which are the small blue veins that affect the appearance of the legs. To help make this treatment affordable, the clinic has a Groupon for sclerotherapy sessions.

For patients seeking Botox treatments, the clinic offers those as well as Juvederm. Both of these solutions aim to add volume, reduce annoying lines and wrinkles, and/or enhance lips by making them appear fuller.

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