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MortgageRight’s Darin Hunter Team

Queued Up for Spring Buying Season

By Jennifer Paire

Darin Hunter’s team at MortgageRight in Woodstock forges strong relationships in-house and among clients, helping homeowners and home buyers navigate the ebb and flow of almost two decades of financial market turbulence.

“We really try to approach this as a family and not just a mortgage group,” said Hunter, branch manager and loan officer for more than 20 years. “We’ve seen ups and downs in the markets, and we’ve had this nice nucleus of loan officers riding the waves together while we have helped families buy homes, consolidate debt — all things mortgage and real estate.”

The team anticipates better times in 2024 with interest rates forecast to continue falling. MortgageRight offers a one-stop shop for anything related to mortgages and real estate, including expertise in building, homeowner’s insurance, and debt management.

“We expect the buying season to be pretty significant,” said Hunter, known for his monthly features on the national TV show Financing the American Dream, which is part of The American Dream series highlighting lifestyle and real estate. Available on The Travel Channel, Bloomberg TV, and Fox Business, Hunter’s episodes can be seen on his YouTube channel, Darin Hunter.

“The appreciation in home values and equity coupled with lower interest rates creates a lot of opportunities for homeowners,” Hunter explained. “People don’t have to feel like they are stuck with their current low-interest rate. Americans have the opportunity to sell and have a larger or more significant down payment for their next property, or they can stay and take advantage of the equity they have. They are not necessarily locked into their homes because of the interest rate they have today.”

MortgageRight's Woodstock location is licensed across the country to offer direct, correspondent, and broker lending. “There’s nothing we can’t do,” said Hunter, with specialties in conventional, FHA, USDA, and VA loans as well as lesser-known options.

Hunter’s team is well versed in opportunities for down payment assistance including the City of Canton’s forgivable down payment assistance program for up to $7,500 for first-time home buyers. Up to $10,000 is available for priority persons like protectors, educators, healthcare workers, and City employees.

Earlier in the year, the council established an accessory dwelling unit program, which allows existing homeowners to create separate guest houses, for example, to offer as rental properties in response to local housing needs.

“The most important thing anyone can do is to speak with a professional. Speak with a loan officer who can evaluate your income, your credit — someone who knows there are a lot of options out there,” said Hunter.

Keeping It In the Family

Each member of the Hunter Team is focused on improving families and communities. Ken Harper, head processor and an industry veteran of 25 years, works alongside Hunter and six other loan officers including:

  • Greg Carson — home builder and 40-year banking and mortgage industry veteran. Carson has built 500 homes in and around Cherokee County.
  • Zach Pope — loan officer who became a homeowner while working with MortgageRight. His passion for first-time buyers and digital background helps the Hunter Team reach a younger audience.
  • Charles Jenkins — manager of the Ball Ground satellite office with expertise in homeowner’s insurance. His favorite success story is helping friends refinance their home to offset the cost of adopting a child.
  • Christopher “Mortgage” Mack — known for his infectious personality and enthusiasm, Mack helps clients understand the approval process and ensures they shop for a home that fits their budget.
  • Ivan Cabrera — senior mortgage loan officer and 
a Georgia Army National Guard veteran with more than 10 years in financing. Cabrera is Guatemalan, 
fluent in Spanish and English, and very knowledgeable about alternative lenders 
and loan opportunities.
  • Michael Caires — an engineer by trade from Sao Paulo, Brazil. He is fluent in Portuguese and English, and after spending time in the construction and real estate industries, he fell in love with helping families finance their homeowning dreams.

Giving Back

The Hunter Team and family, figuratively and literally, give back to their communities in multiple ways.

After their own experiences with their youngest daughter who was born with KBG syndrome, Hunter and his wife Mary created the nonprofit Every Link Matters to raise awareness and funds for children with this rare genetic disease. Between 800 and 900 children have been diagnosed in the world to date. The Hunter’s organization holds an annual golf tournament each May to raise money for awareness and to support other affected families with medical bills. Every Link Matters will host its first retreat for these families in Tempe, Arizona, this month.

Locally, MortgageRight supports Woodstock-based Circle of Friends, a group supporting individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, as well as Limitless Disabilities Services, which is a day program for special needs adults.

“The special needs community resonates with us, and we try to give back as much as we can. Not just donating money, but also donating our time and energy to show we are a part of that community,” said Hunter.

For more information about how the Hunter Team can help with your mortgage and other real estate needs, give them a call or visit their website.

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