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Kumon — Math & Reading Centers

Helping Woodstock’s Children Thrive

By Ellen Samsell Salas

Since 1958, Kumon students have been succeeding. With its proven track record, it is the no. 1 education franchise in the world. The Kumon philosophy is simple: Give students, from pre-K through high school, a strong foundation in math and reading skills, let them experience the rewards of consistent practice, encourage them to be independent learners, and they will thrive.

Freeda Stewart, the owner of Woodstock’s newest Kumon center, has experienced the Kumon success firsthand. When her middle child was struggling with reading, she enrolled him in Kumon. His progress was so dramatic that she enrolled her youngest child and watched her develop confidence as well as academic skills. It was then that Stewart decided to open her own franchise.

“I thought I could bring the program into the lives of other children who are struggling,” Stewart said. “I have such a testimony to be able to help children, to help parents.”

Stewart is so passionate about sharing the Kumon experience that she left her career in the corporate world and spent a year learning the Kumon method. Now, having experienced all the material herself, she is positioned to help create the best situation for each child.

“I am excited we can help students and families,” Stewart enthused. “I really believe in Kumon. I couldn’t sell something I don’t believe in.”

Individualized Assessment + Attention = Success

Essential to achieving success is assessing each student’s skill level, followed by creating a program of individualized instruction. While one student might need help with fractions, another might be struggling with algebra. Individualized plans ensure that each student’s needs are targeted, and that necessary skills are learned.

“Every child is different. Every child has different challenges and achieves different results,” said Stewart. “Treating them all alike would not be in their best interests. We need to meet each child where he or she is.”

Rather than teaching to specific tests or offering quick fixes for homework assignments, Kumon builds foundations that equip students to succeed throughout their academic journeys. Typically, the student will show marked improvement when reassessed after three months in the program and again after six- and 12-month intervals.

Daily Practice Develops Skills, Builds Confidence, and Fosters Self-Reliance

Kumon students quickly learn that by attending their scheduled sessions and making 30 minutes of Kumon practice a part of their daily routines at home, their new habits reap rewards.

Worksheets, the heart of Kumon practice, are designed to teach important concepts, to challenge students, and to lead them to success. Each worksheet offers examples that demonstrate how to solve challenges. Students then apply the solutions to solve similar challenges. Not only are students completing worksheets, but they are also developing essential critical thinking skills. In short, they are mastering skills and achieving success.

“Kumon students start at a place of confidence that they have the knowledge and the skills,” said Stewart. “They learn that they can use their reasoning skills to solve problems.”

The bonus is that from the first worksheet students complete, they start to believe they can succeed. As students complete more worksheets, their confidence continues to grow. This newfound confidence will not only see them through academic challenges but will also help them in all their future endeavors.

“I enjoy watching the child who was behind get ahead. Improvement has been part of my life, my career, my children. I love to see children grow and develop. I want to make that success part of other children’s lives,” Stewart said.

Ensuring Success — The Partnership Between Students, Parents, and Instructors

To ensure that each child reaps the program’s benefits, ongoing communication with parents assures that schedules meet each family’s needs, and that parents understand the importance of consistent routines and daily practice.

Kumon staff members are highly trained, have positive attitudes, and are passionate about seeing their students thrive. Instructors do not lecture but rather coach their students, allowing them to find their own solutions in math and/or reading skills.

“I look at Kumon as the personal trainer for education. There are personal coaches for sports; Kumon offers students that same individualized coaching,” Stewart said. “I am confident that with the Kumon method, each family will see positive results. To know we can help feels good. I am excited for our families.”

The Rewards of the Kumon Method

  • Students learn the value of consistent, dedicated practice.
  • Students develop strong study habits.
  • Students become independent thinkers and problem solvers.
  • Students gain the confidence needed to succeed throughout their academic careers.

Kumon at a Glance

Pre-K through high school students

Route to Success:
Individualized lesson plans in math and reading skills
Daily practice

Virtual and in-person sessions, twice a week, 30-60 minutes each

The Kumon Winning Team:
A partnership between instructors, students, and parents

No contract required
Discount if enrolled in both the math and reading programs

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