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Growth in Georgia's Film Industry Means More Georgia Jobs

By the Georgia Film Office Staff

Georgia has been named the No. 1 state in which to do business for seven years in a row, and Georgias film industry has been an important part of our states years-long success story. Film has spurred investment, empowered local small businesses, and put Georgians across the state to work.

The industry continued to smash records in fiscal year 2019. The 391 film and television productions that were made in Georgia created another record year of $2.9 billion in direct spending, supported 3,040 motion picture and television industry businesses, and delivered $9.2 billion in total wages.

No state has seen the kind of investment that Georgia has seen in the industry, especially in the number of soundstages that have been built from 45,000 square feet of stage space in 2010 to more than 3.3 million today. These facilities enable the state to attract tent pole projects, which provide thousands of jobs in the state each year.

Thats why in March, the Georgia Film Office, which is a division of the Georgia Department of Economic Development, celebrated Film Day at the Capitol. Governor Brian P. Kemp, top legislators, and industry partners joined the Georgia Film Office to celebrate the stories of the numerous individuals who make the industry work, launching a new website at, to tell the personal stories about the impact the industry has made on the lives of Georgians, small businesses, and communities.

When people think of screened entertainment, the first careers that usually come to mind are actor, director, and producer. But it takes thousands of people to support the film, television, commercial, and music video industry in Georgia, and training individuals to fill those critical positions is increasing and paying off.

Aside from the small businesses that supply air conditioners, generators, catering, specialty costuming, and prop decor, for every red carpet starring role, many more behind-the-scenes roles are required to create movie magic.

The Georgia Film Office, which has worked diligently to ensure residents fill jobs up and down the production ladder, maintains numerous resources for people who are interested in pursuing a career in the film industry.

The Film Office help wanted hotline includes details on industry jobs at The offices production directory  provides a comprehensive resource for individuals and companies to list their services and skills, as well as to find classes, local filmmaking links, and much more at

In 2016, the state created the Georgia Film Academy (GFA) to build the workforce pipeline necessary to fast-track workers into the industry. This first-of-its-kind collaborative effort between the University System of Georgia and Technical College System of Georgia will have enrolled more than 7,000 students from 25 partner institutions across Georgia by fall of 2020.

The GFA curriculum consists of three semesters the final of which can be a paid, on-set internship. Classes include introduction, scenic construction and painting, grip and rigging, special effects makeup, lighting and electric, post-production, production accounting, and office management. All classes are related to critical, high-demand industry careers.

The GFA prepares students for entry-level positions both on-set and in production offices; set construction and scenic painting; set dressers and props; hair, make-up, and wardrobe procedures; sound, including mixer, boom operator, and utility; camera operators and first and second assistants; on-set lamp operators; on-set grips and dolly grips; location managers; script supervision procedures; video assistants; post-production editors; and production accountants. For more information, visit

The Atlanta Film Society also regularly offers production assistant training classes as well as indie filmmaking classes. To learn more, visit

Many people call the film office about opportunities as extras for local productions. Casting companies have information on Facebook and Twitter, as well as email alerts. Helpful links to these resources are available at

High school students can even start training and planning for a career in the industry through programs in local college and career academies though the Georgia Department of Education. More programs are being offered each day, so check with your local Board of Education.

Thanks to stronger demand from students, independent and private colleges are also helping fill this need, so be sure to check course offerings at any higher learning establishment you are considering. New education, jobs, and opportunities abound with options specific to the film industry, and more local talent is filling these highly paid positions every day.

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