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Community Partner: CURE Childhood Cancer

Back in 1975, when CURE Childhood Cancer was founded at Emory University, the survival rate for children with cancer was less than 10%.

Since then, research has improved the survival rate to above 80%. While that is great progress, its not enough when you consider that one in five children with cancer is still lost to this disease, which remains the No. 1 cause of death by disease for children.

CURE Childhood Cancer is dedicated to conquering childhood cancer by funding targeted research and supporting patients and their families.

Research is the key to unlocking breakthroughs that save the lives of children diagnosed with cancer. Besides helping children survive their diagnoses, research leads to the development of safer and less toxic treatments that help survivors experience fewer harmful side effects and live their lives to the fullest.

In the past 10 years, CURE has invested $25 million in innovative research at leading pediatric cancer research institutions across the nation.

The highest priority is precision medicine, which is individualized treatment that targets tumor-driving genes and is already yielding significant results for children with recurring and hard to treat cancers.

Another way to describe precision medicine is personalized medicine. Today, childrens cancers are treated by disease type one size fits all. But a chemotherapy that works for some children might not be effective for others because of genetic differences.

Through genetic testing, doctors look at the genetic change in a tumor to determine how a childs cancer will behave and the best way to treat it. By isolating the specific gene that is causing tumor growth, doctors can identify medications targeted at the tumor-driving gene, which can then slow down or shut off the genes activity. This can potentially slow, stop, or reverse the tumors growth.

CUREs hope is that the research it funds will lead to a safe and effective treatment for all children diagnosed with cancer.

Until there is a cure, theres CURE. The second part of the organizations mission is to support families devastated by a childhood cancer diagnosis through programs designed to meet a familys emotional, practical, and financial needs quickly and appropriately.

CURE is in hospitals serving meals several days a week. The organization also provides emergency financial support to ease the burden of families in the fight, as well as offering professional counseling to patients and family members. CURE also gives bereavement support to families who must deal with unimaginable loss.

These are only a few of the ways the organization serves cancer patients and their families. CUREs goal is to be an ever-present help during crisis by encompassing dozens of services designed to lighten the load of families and make sure they know they arent alone. CUREs unwavering support is available from diagnosis until it is no longer needed.

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