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Cherokee Floor Covering

Celebrates 51 Years of Doing the Right Thing

By Ellen Samsell Salas

Creating an “Amazing” Legacy

It all started in 1972 with one man, his wife, their kids, and a van. Coming home at the end of his workday at Lockheed Martin, Lamar Prance told his wife Jeanette, “I’m going to start a flooring business.” 

It began as a one-man, one-woman, family operation. 

“They had a van, and Lamar would go door to door selling three carpeting choices,” said Morgan Hollingsworth, Lamar and Jeanette’s granddaughter. “He would measure on site, call Jeanette, and tell her which carpet and how much, and she would load the kids in the van, drive up to Dalton, and pick up the carpet.” 

Today, celebrating 51 years of providing top-notch service and quality products, Cherokee Floor Covering remains a family operation. However, the “family” has grown to include 15 showroom and office staff members — eight of whom are members of the Prance family — 10 expert crews, longtime vendors, and every customer who walks into Cherokee Floor Covering’s showroom. 

From that first day, Lamar’s motto, “Do the right thing,” has been the heart of the company’s philosophy. 

“He wanted the business to be amazing,” said Hollingsworth, who as retail sales manager, exudes Lamar’s positivity. “He taught us to take care of our customers. We give great service. We want our customers to come back to us for years and years.”

Teamwork Puts the Customer First

With customer service as its number one priority, Cherokee Floor Covering has earned decades of client loyalty and word-of-mouth recommendations that continue to build their client base.

“Some of our customers grew up with my grandfather. Others worked with my mom,” said Hollingsworth. “We like to keep it rolling.”

Employees ensure that Cherokee Floor Covering does indeed remain amazing. The core of the company's "Do the right thing" philosophy has a few key precepts:

  • Make each customer feel like they are part of the family.
  • Respond immediately to inquiries.
  • Learn customers’ flooring needs and desires.
  • Help each customer choose the right product at the right price for their budget.
  • Guarantee quality products and expert workmanship.
  • Do right by the customer — always.

From the first call, website inquiry, or showroom visit, each customer is treated as if they are the company’s most valued client.

“We love all of our customers,” Whitney Howell, residential flooring specialist said. “We go the extra mile for them.”

“We have fantastic customer service start to finish — from the people you meet to the people behind the scenes,” added Darcy Jorgensen, residential flooring specialist. “We help everyone, even if they’re not buying, just looking. That’s just what we do.”

Quick Response and Quick Results

With ample supplies of popular products in stock, the company can often avoid the delays that ordering entails, which allows many projects, from flooring for only one or two rooms to solutions for an entire home, to be completed within two weeks.

Customers are encouraged to look at products, feel them, even take samples home. Howell and Jorgensen assist clients and ensure that they make informed decisions that are right for them and right for their budgets. No matter if the job is big or small or a DIY project, all customers experience service that aims to make them happy.

Quality Products and Expert Installation Guaranteed

Customers can be assured that only quality products from the company’s longstanding vendors are used. A crew with years of experience will be in charge of installing the client’s chosen flooring. Trusting the quality of their products, the integrity of their vendors, and the skill of their crews, the company guarantees both labor and materials.

“Our reputation is because we always take care of our customers,” said Howell. “We stand behind our installation and our materials. Vendors want to be in our showroom. All our reps stand behind their product, and they take responsibility for their product. We do the right thing.”

Lamar and Jeanette’s work ethic and positive spirit along with their dedication to their family business, its employees, and its customers remain the soul of Cherokee Floor Covering.

“Lamar isn’t here every day, but everyone works as if he is — doing the right thing,” said Hollingsworth.

Cherokee Floor Covering Provides These Amazing Residential and Commercial Quality Products and Services

  • Design Consultation
  • Hardwood Installation and Refinishing
  • Laminate
  • Vinyl
  • Luxury Vinyl
  • Custom Carpet
  • Free Estimates
  • Financing Options

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