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Cherokee Children's Dentistry

Providing a Patient-Tailored Approach to Pediatric Dentistry

Drs. Miles Mazzawi (Dr. Miles) and Anthea Drew Mazzawi (Dr. Drew), the first pediatric dentists in Canton, opened Cherokee Children’s Dentistry 16 years ago. The practice takes pride in providing comprehensive, individualized, preventative, therapeutic, and oral health care for children from infancy through their late teen years, including patients with special health care needs.

“We are a pediatric dental practice, here to treat the unique dental needs of your children,” Dr. Miles explains. “We are an owner-operated practice, and we are focused on offering relationship-based dental care where we get to know each child and his or her parents. Often in corporate-owned offices, you find a higher volume practice with less doctor/patient interaction. Here, we love getting to know our patients. We’ve enjoyed watching many of them grow up.” 

“Our commitment is to provide your child with the best possible dental health care, in a warm, caring, and FUN environment. We want your children to enjoy coming to the dentist, as they learn the importance of oral care and overall dental health,” Dr. Miles adds.


Why did the Mazzawis choose to practice pediatric dentistry?

“We love children,” Dr. Drew says. “We have twin nine-year-old daughters, Anne and Mary. When they had their first dental cleanings, each reacted differently to the experience — like all our patients. Every child is unique with individual needs and preferences, and good pediatric dentists are astute at improvising and tailoring the visit to fit the child’s personality.”

Some children are anxious about going to the dentist. If they have a negative experience, it can carry over into adulthood and result in years of neglect. 

“Our patients love coming to see us, which is a goal we have worked hard to achieve. We spend time paying attention to the children’s individual interests and developing a rapport with each one to make their visit a fun experience. This helps the kids develop good oral health care, which usually means they will have great dental habits for life,” says Dr. Miles.


We are happy to be growing our little dental family

Dr. Miles and Dr. Drew are excited about expanding their dental family. Dr. Kristin Piche joined the practice in 2020 after completing her pediatric dental residency at the Dental College of Georgia. Dr. Abbey Tadros recently became part of the practice after completing her residency at the University of Alabama Birmingham School of Dentistry. These new dentists enhance the great dental care that is already being provided.

“Dr. Piche and Dr. Tadros have been amazing additions, providing the same level of care that our patients and families have come to expect. They also bring new and young energy to our team. It’s been really fun,” says Dr. Drew.


How does Cherokee Children’s Dentistry make going to the dentist fun?

“Our office is both cheerful and calming, with murals on the walls and TVs above every chair. We use funny nicknames, such as calling cavities ‘sugar bugs,’ and we are well-versed in the things that interest kids including the most popular movies and TV shows,” Dr. Miles says. “We find out what each child likes and tailor our approach to that. We talk to them about their hobbies and extracurricular activities. Everything is geared toward making the child feel comfortable, relaxed, and engaged.”

The practitioners also make sure to include the children’s parents in the doctor/patient relationships they develop.

“One of the neat things about pediatric dentistry is that parents are the third side of the triangle that make up the doctor/patient relationship. Apprehensive parents can shape their children’s experiences. There is nothing scary here! We develop a solid relationship with all parents, so they know that we’re going to take excellent care of their children. We aim to build trust with our patients, so they will feel comfortable here. That goes for their parents, too.” Dr. Drew says.


Advice for parents regarding the oral and dental health care of children

Cavities are on the rise. Toothaches are the number one reason a child visits the school nurse. Ultimately, this is a preventable epidemic — prevention is key. Limit your child’s sugar intake, visit the dentist regularly, and stress the importance of brushing, and flossing. Parents can be a dentist’s best allies and biggest advocates.

Cherokee Children’s Dentistry is pleased to provide the absolute best individualized pediatric dental care in Canton with a “mom and pop,” homestyle approach. 

“We look forward to many more years of engaging parents and children, teaching the value of good dental care, and winning over many more kids to dentistry. We give 110% of our love and attention to our patients, and we want theirs, too! We want to show them how much fun it can be to visit the dentist and practice good oral health care habits,” says Dr. Drew.