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For Life’s Forever Moments


By Ellen Samsell Salas

Since they first made their way to the earth’s surface in the magma of erupting volcanoes, diamonds have captivated man’s imagination. Desired for their strength, beauty, and rarity, they have remained the most sought-after gem from the time of ancient Greece to today. In 1947 when De Beers of Britain coined the phrase “A diamond is forever,” they designated the diamond as the gem to commemorate life’s forever moments — engagements, anniversaries, and other important milestones.


Today’s Choices: Natural-Mined Diamonds or Lab-Grown Diamonds?

Today, when customers visit Art Jewelers of Woodstock to look for that forever stone, they might for the first time be faced with the question: Which diamond is the right one for them? Natural-mined or lab-grown? Or, if they already have a diamond, do they know which kind it is?

They might then ask, “What are lab-grown diamonds? How do they differ from natural-mined diamonds?”

Put simply, they differ only in origin. Lab-grown diamonds are grown in a lab. Mined diamonds grow deep within the earth’s surface.

Whether they are carbon vapor deposit (CVD) created or high-pressure-high-temperature (HPHT) created, lab-grown diamonds have the same physical, chemical, and optical qualities as natural-mined diamonds. They are as strong as natural diamonds. They are cut and polished the same way traditional diamonds are cut. They have the same enticing sparkle.

They appear identical to mined diamonds.


Which Diamond Is Right for You?

Rather than taking billions of years to form like natural-mined diamonds, lab-grown diamonds can be cultivated in a matter of weeks. This means that supply is more abundant, so the cost is significantly less than that of mined diamonds.

Thus, lab-grown diamonds are increasingly popular, especially among newly engaged couples who are often just starting out financially. Tradition and the fact that natural-mined diamonds continue to appreciate in value make them the preferred choice of the majority of diamond buyers — at least for now.

Art Jewelers is happy to offer both options to its customers.

And, with gemologists on staff, Art Jewelers can grade both lab-grown and natural-mined diamonds using the same grading scale.

Art Jewelers Adds State-of-the-Art Yehuda Diamond Tester

Given that lab-grown and mined diamonds appear identical, how can a customer know which kind of diamond they have?

Attuned to jewelry industry trends, and responding to the rapidly changing diamond market, Art Jewelers is excited to have added a Yehuda diamond tester to its toolbox. While graduate gemologists are on staff, no one can accurately determine if a diamond is lab-grown or natural-mined. With the Yehuda tester — considered “the Sherlock Holmes of diamonds” — customers will know for certain which type of diamond they have. It can even detect whether a lab diamond is CVD or HPHT.

During the month of November, bring this article into Art Jewelers Diamond & Design to have up to three pieces of jewelry tested to determine if they contain lab-grown or natural-mined diamonds!


Four Generations of Quality Care and Beautiful Design

For almost 100 years, and for four generations, family-owned-and-operated Art Jewelers has excelled in the craft of creating jewelry that will be treasured in your family for generations.

So, it’s no surprise that whether customers choose to purchase a lab-grown or a natural-mined diamond, they will receive Art Jewelers’ tradition of individualized customer service, custom design, and quality craftsmanship.

With all work completed onsite, from the design phase to the finished product, Art Jewelers guarantees beautiful creations and fine craftsmanship that will last for decades. The design process begins with a consultation to learn the customer’s tastes and desires. Then, using computer-assisted software and 3D imaging, designers bring those visions to life.

When the customer is satisfied with the imaging, a wax model of each piece is created, allowing for any modifications they may want to make. This process assures that the client will be happy with the final product. Then, the piece can be cast and polished, the customer’s special stones can be set, and the vision they had for their forever piece of jewelry becomes a reality.

Whether you choose lab-grown or natural-mined diamonds, Art Jewelers Diamond & Design creates jewelry that is uniquely yours.

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