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Woodstock Adopts First Sustainability Plan

Recently, the City of Woodstock took steps forward by adopting its first citywide Sustainability Plan, a significant milestone on the community’s path to going green. For over a decade, Woodstock has pursued sustainability initiatives under the guidance of the Atlanta Regional Commission’s Green Communities program, working up from achieving the Bronze certification level to maintaining Gold for years on end.

Now, City leadership has built upon these successes and lessons learned to create a unique plan that highlights the strengths and pride of our community.

The guiding vision behind this feat is Woodstock as home to a culture that values being informed and doing its part to protect the community’s vibrancy for generations to come. This Sustainability Plan sets a path to be followed over the next five years at which time it will be updated with new goals tailored to match the growing needs and abilities.

As the first step on this journey, the City conducted an assessment to evaluate existing operations and services that address elements of everyday resource management. The Sustainability Plan builds on these findings by breaking down priorities into several focus areas: energy and building, land use, water management, solid waste, transportation, public outreach, and government operations. The 20 overarching goals split among these focus areas spell out actionable tasks with objectives and recommended strategies.

However, this document is not just for government officials to follow. Anyone can utilize the tips and concepts laid out in this document to live a more efficient and sustainable life. In fact, the plan was created by incorporating the ideas of active community members though participation in our Sustainability Committee and through public input activities at four public events in 2019.

A large part of the Woodstock Sustainability Plan focuses on actively engaging and properly representing the community. As a result, one of the recommended tasks calls to better inform the public by documenting sustainability events, projects, and educational materials for Woodstock residents. Keep an eye on our website and social media pages for these resources and other updates. You can find a full copy of the plan at

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