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The Lucky Season

March is upon us — the early blossoms are sprouting from their twiggy branches, and the fields are becoming greener with lush grasses and young clover. Soon, my backyard will be hopping with rabbits, and a few young deer will eventually appear.

One of my simple pleasures is relaxing in a cool pad of clover, reflecting on my day, and enjoying the extra hours of sunshine that we'll have once we spring forward on March 12. After a few years of running my fingers through the many clusters of clover in my yard, I've resigned myself to the fact that there are none of the four-leaf variety taking up residence there. Truth be told, I feel lucky even in their absence, which has me generally questioning this whole "luck" thing.

What is "luck" anyway? In searching the origins of this mysterious notion, I find it peculiar there was no luck before the 
mid-15th century, and oddly, history tells us that much of what we know about life back then didn't seem so lucky for most. But luckily for us, many had the determination and ability to overcome their trials and tribulations.

We hear people wishing for luck to be good, wanting more of it, praising it, thanking their lucky stars, admiring their own, or coveting the luck of others. We envy the perception of "lady luck's" presence or admonish the existence of her evil twin, "bad luck." However, some believe bad luck isn't anything but the absence of good luck or "luck" in general, right? That's why, personally, I cannot wrap my head around the whole "luck" thing.

We never grow wiser from being lucky. We grow from hard work, determination, preparation, and perseverance. Being alert, taking more chances, and standing ready to recognize and take advantage of opportunities is what manifests "luck." With any luck at all, we'll be happier, better, and more fulfilled when we all realize just how lucky we are to be celebrating life each day.

In the words of Mother Teresa, "Life is Luck." Wishing you the best this day. 

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