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Spring Cleaning

Better late than never, right? Spring has always been filled with inspiration for me, in life and in my career. The warmer temperatures tend to lead us outdoors, and we're generally more active than in the colder months. The newness of life almost always helps generate a more youthful spirit.

It's good to be able to get outside for cutting brush, weeding, prepping gardens, cleaning gutters, blowing leaves, and some general straightening up or "spring cleaning," as it has come to be known. This year, doing yardwork with family will have more purpose and meaning. By spending more time with each other, we've been putting more heart into the process, creating a special place to relax and unwind together. Spring is a time to build and, often, to rebuild.

Our world is always changing. Currently, there is much unrest in our society, our nation, and on our planet due to cultural, economic, and environmental crises. Each generation seeks to do better than those that came before it. For the most part, we've done well. Statistically, we live longer, healthier lives, but living longer has its consequences.

As populations increase, so does the demand for housing, resources, and opportunities. With more burdens and limitations, greed, selfishness, empathy, and bitterness can knock the wind from our sails. We must remember to hold fast and pray often, always seeking ways to foster kindness.

When the daffodils begin to bloom each year, we're reminded of their natural resiliency, as they instinctively seem to retract into the shelter of the ground when their surroundings cause them to get dark and cold, much like we do under similar circumstances. Then, when the right moment comes — and it always does — the daffodils burst forth with all the splendor within them, leading the charge into the new season.

It's important for us to remember that life's not perfect. It's okay to take shelter or seek solace from what may befall us. But it's more important, when the time is right, that we harness whatever it takes to gain a foothold and rise again, to be bolder and brighter than we were before, to be a positive influence on others, and enjoy the marvels of being renewed, refreshed, and resilient. Root firmly, find courage, break forth. Grow. 

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