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Sharing Our Gifts

Each one of us is born with certain gifts and various combinations of talents that set us apart from those in our circle of friends, family, and others. As we progress through the years, our talents and gifts may change, or perhaps that which makes us special matures and gets better over time, becoming even more precious. The joy of possessing individual gifts, no matter what they are, is the fact that we can share them with others.

You may be gifted with certain talents in music, literature, dance, or other form of art, and perhaps you are thrilled at the opportunity to teach or inspire others, so they, too, may discover a similar blessing and pay it forward one day. This is the highest and most honorable form of regifting.

Gifts of the spirit include serving, teaching, encouraging, giving, leading, being merciful, or the sharing of one's faith and healing. Any or all of these may apply to you. But once you discover what your gift is, you must sow that gift as a farmer sows his/her seed, so that it may grow and multiply. It is when we see the product of our fruitfulness that we find our hearts are filled with merriment and bliss, just as God did when he shared with us his gift of salvation through his son, Jesus Christ.

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