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Refiner’s Fire

Crisp fall mornings have made their way back into our lives, and the time has come for us to settle like the tree sap and slow down a little. The forests will soon be covered in the magnificent hues of our southern autumn, and the time to frolic in the leaves and enjoy fall festivals has arrived.

To me, fall is a time to relax and recover from the busier days of spring and summer. It is a time for renewal, not like the aesthetic external rebirth of spring, but more of an internal reflection or evaluation of who we are at our rooted core.

I've often thought about the annual cycle of the trees and the many metaphors that may relate to the natural rhythms in our lives, how their branches, once lush with emerald leaves, will turn to hues of amber, red, and gold, then shed their bounty onto the forest floor, as they return to the soil. Like the roots of the tree, is our character not also insulated and fed by the stripping down of some seasons?

Changes in our lives build our character. All the reactions we have, along with the emotions that change evokes, build upon our soul. Trials and tribulations may seem difficult, and we may often feel overwhelmed. But remember, warriors find strength in their tears. The truth is that those difficult times are forging us like the refiner's fire, and we often become stronger as they pass.

Hold fast to the knowledge that when brighter days arrive, you will be better equipped to handle whatever befalls you. Each day brings us closer to becoming the person we're intended to be. Whatever season you find yourself in, the season is yours. Change is in the air. Embrace it. Your true colors are about to glow.
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