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“Preparedness is the ultimate confidence builder.” — Vince Lombardi

Each morning, as I get ready for the day ahead, I check the forecast, review my "to-do" list, and set the day in motion with a tall glass of water, a light breakfast, and a few moments of good old fashioned reflection, soul searching, and gearing up. I would imagine most people do something similar as part of their morning routine.

In the past few years, I've embraced the fact that I need to concentrate more on daily preparation to accomplish what I set out to achieve. There is a reason a boy scout smiles and whistles under most circumstances — it feels good to be prepared.

In the words of Vince Lombardi, "Preparedness is the ultimate confidence builder." Being ready for what may be around the corner is one less thing to concern ourselves with when the unexpected jumps from the shadows. As I'm certainly no fan of drama, it has become a welcome discovery that being prepared prevents panic.

We should take the time to plan for other options that fate may have in store for us. Of course, we never know what will happen, but we usually have a pretty good idea of potential possibilities. Being prepared allows us to bond our timeline together more effectively and adapt when untimely changes fall like heavy rocks onto our path. If distracted by change to an original plan, some may instinctively react in opposition — but the prepared mind steps up, and those boulders become stepping stones from which to propel forward rather than obstacles blocking progress.

Planning and having the mindset to be proactive rather than reactive is one of the best ways to fill each day with more positive energy, which we can then use to empower others we encounter along the way. 

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