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March 2021

Spring is right around the corner, and many of us are starting to wonder how to spend our warm sunny days. Though a change in season doesn't mean we will have more hours in the day to enjoy the company of family and friends, the warmer weather and longer periods of daylight and sunshine make it easier to connect with loved ones and spend quality time.

The notion of "having time" to spend as we choose is becoming fleeting both in our society and culture and through the course of nature. When we spend our time making money, we often don't make the time to enjoy it. When and if we get older and have less work, many may no longer have the resources or good health to enjoy that extra time. But it's more important that our "living" takes control of our lives instead of our jobs.

Have you considered discovering ways to live a little at your job? A good brisk walk or a few minutes spent in a nearby sunny place can be refreshing. I recommend a 10-minute fresh air break for my staff each day. Or maybe you can take a few moments to get lost in a magazine article or a chapter from a good book. Even a simple phone call to your spouse or children to let them know you're thinking of them and will see them soon can be a welcome reprieve for all involved. These are just a few of the little ways we can make a big difference in our personal happiness and, in turn, those whose lives we touch.

Actually, the idea of "spare time" is ridiculous. Time, unlike money, cannot be saved for a rainy day nor hidden away like a tire in our trunk to be used in an emergency. However, if we don't use it wisely, or if we don't carefully choose who we spend it with and what we spend it doing, time can lose its value and become "flat" before we know it. So, we should start asking ourselves more about the quality of our lives, as we never know the quantity of our days.

Thank you for your time today, and remember, it never takes more time to choose to smile.

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