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Harvest Some Time With Friends

The blanket of leaves that covers the ground during autumn is a preface to cozy and comfortable days that will soon be upon us. Much like the way I could never pick one piece of music as my favorite, I've never been able to decide which of the seasons is dearest to me. During this time of year, the light of day takes on a warmer hue, as it reflects off the golden yellows, bright reds, and rustic browns that clothe the trees, hilltops, and valleys, and we find ourselves gathering not only leaves but also each other.

Whether it's tailgating at football games, visiting festivals, camping with our friends, coming together around a bonfire at dusk in a field, or simply hanging out in the cul-de-sac with our neighbors, we find that autumn is a time to relax and wind down after a busy summer. The days grow shorter, and we seem to fall into a smoother pace. Like the leaves floating on the breeze, we tend to find just the right place to settle down.

We spent the spring and summer hustling and bustling about, planting the seeds of new friendships and relationships along the way. Now, it's time to get together, enjoy some adventures, and talk not only about our most recent events but also to share great times, and simply revel in being among those we hold most dear to us. So, reach into your past and get in touch with that person (or persons) you've been thinking of recently. It's never the wrong season to harvest the comfort of true friends. 

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