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Growing Gratitude

This past year certainly was interesting. "Interesting" in the way that you might politely respond to a question from an inexperienced chef about your opinion of a meal he/she prepared or in the way a book falls short of its mark due to the writer's vague plot. For the most part, my year was pretty good. It managed to hit the incredible level a few times, and it was downright amazing on occasion. I was blessed to become engaged to a wonderful lady and marry into a family with two active, polite, intelligent kids. We also managed to do a little traveling while staying safe, healthy, and happy.

But, within our community and around the world, there were some major challenges. As individuals, the biggest hurdle before us is managing our outlook and attitude in the face of whatever rises or falls within our path. We should strive to understand where someone may be "coming from," even when he/she is not the best at articulating it. Most of us, excluding my wife, cannot read minds. That's one of the reasons why I married her. Despite my actions, she seems to know my intentions.

Each of us falls short from time to time. We can get held up in traffic and arrive late, or we can fail to perform to the best of our ability and toss it up to any number of excuses. But it is still up to each of us to try to communicate in a more positive manner.

This year, I hope to replace my apologies with thankfulness. Instead of "Sorry I missed my deadline," I'll say, "Thank you for your patience." Instead of "Sorry I failed," I'll say, "Thank you for your understanding." It's a new year, so let's stop nurturing negativity and grow gratitude together.
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