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Feel Great, Be Grateful

With everything going on these days, sometimes it's easy to let blessings go unnoticed. We need to remain focused on being grateful for the little things that make our lives easier, save us a bit of time, or just bring smiles to our faces. It's good for the soul when we recognize how much sweeter life can be when we acknowledge our blessings.

Little things add up to greater things and can be used as a daily reminder to be thankful. Just the other day, I was headed to my car with my arms full. I was trying to hold onto the handles of my laptop bag and backpack, a water bottle, keys, phone, and lunch box. Of course, being "a guy," I wasn't going to ask for help because I knew I could manage. However, I really did appreciate it when my wife helped me make it to the car without leaving a trail of dropped items. It was a reminder of how good life really is, one moment at a time.

Most of us have had or been witness to some great blessings in our lives such as conquering cancer, bouncing back from an injury, overcoming a near death event, or other malady that was simply miraculous. Some of us have a happy home with vibrant children, a good job, and a comfortable lifestyle – all things for which to give thanks. Others are struggling with an array of troublesome things in their day-to-day lives, yet still find joy in the warmth of sunshine on their skin, the melody of a songbird, or a shared laugh with a friend. These are indeed gifts and reasons to feel blessed.

There's really no trick to being thankful beyond the simple acknowledgement of how blessed each one of us truly is in our daily lives. Let's not be like pigs gorging themselves on acorns without acknowledging the oak tree above. By giving thanks, we give back to God from which our blessings flow. Let us make sure to count each blessing, however small, by expressing our gratitude. May God continue to grow in you every day, through blessings in your life and thanksgiving in your heart. 

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