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Brighten Someone’s Day

While driving down Highway 20 on the way to the office the other day, I was sorting through many thoughts including magazine deadlines, multiple family schedules, and a wealth of others. But my eyes were focused on the road ahead when I noticed a squirrel in the distance, patiently perched and alert between the two solid yellow lines. This squirrel was not like the franticly manic ones most of us are so familiar with. It appeared to have its act together (albeit in the middle of rush hour traffic).

My first consideration was, "Drive on. It's cool. That rascal has got this." Then, I thought, "I bet that squirrel would appreciate a break." So, I whipped into the nearest driveway, somewhat fearing the worst after the passing of several cars, and turned around, curious about its mindset.

Incredulously, it was still in the road but had become a typical nutty squirrel, dodging in and out from under a few cars on both sides of the highway. A couple of times, I just knew it was a goner. As I approached this darting and pivoting creature, I flashed my lights to oncoming traffic and slowed in my lane. The squirrel then returned to center and settled for a moment, glanced around, and turned toward me. With a sudden flick of its tail, it bounded into the safety of the grass and up a nearby oak tree.

We sometimes find ourselves in dire situations with our careers or families, or it feels like we're crossing a busy highway on all fours. Whatever chaos life throws our way, often all we need is for someone else to notice and empathize with our situation and bless us with a moment, a smile and a nod to make us feel better. That skittish squirrel may not remember that day, but providing him with a blessing sure helped me enjoy the rest of mine.

Today, give a moment of your time to make someone else's day a little brighter. It's good for your heart, good for the soul, and reminds us what loving our neighbors as ourselves is all about.
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