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 I've been reflecting on a very satisfying nine years of publishing our community magazines for you to enjoy each month. Before we opened our doors in July 2013, our plan was to deliver a publication that put your family and our community first while promoting local businesses and providing a resource to help readers schedule exciting evenings and weekends close to home.

We did just that.

In fact, if you've recently moved to the area, you may be seeing our magazine for the very first time. We welcome you! Our robust and fun-to-read community calendar, articles from neighborhood professionals, insight from local leaders, and opportunities for you to volunteer and get involved with local charities are here for you. Please indulge yourself and enjoy the read.

One thing that has kept our magazines so successful for our company and our partners is the willingness to learn, to seize opportunity, and to take action to be better. With change, there are challenges. Change and challenge can lead to blessings, and it's important to remain thankful through our trials as well as our victories.

Growing up in Cherokee County, I understand very well that it is common knowledge and practice to actively participate in any efforts that created positive change for everyone. We are fortunate to call these communities ours, to make neighbors our friends, and to bring these magazines to you.

Keep up the good work, y'all. ~God bless.
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