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“A dream is not reality, but who is it to say which is which?” ~ Lewis Carroll

 Ever since I was a young boy, dreams have been interesting and intriguing to me. Seldom do I remember the ones I have while sleeping; however, on occasion, I may wake in the night to recall a dream I've just had. As early as fourth grade, my most memorable recurring dream is one of flying from the second-story balcony of a large concrete building, drifting in the wind like a well-piloted kite, soaring above misty mountain tops and the still waters of a vast lake.

On the first day of my senior year at Etowah High, while taking photos for the yearbook, I walked out onto the same balcony from my recurring dream. Before my eyes were some familiar mountain ridges, and just over the hills, Lake Allatoona reached out into the valleys and shallow coves. In some way, at that very moment, I was aware that my personal journey was just beginning. From yearbook company photographer, on to newspaper, then to magazines, some television camera work, and back again, I've seen a lot of growth in my community, all while building a career and growing a skill I've been blessed with since my youth. I've always loved Cherokee County, and she's provided and graced me with fellowship, friends, family, and a special place to call home. It has been the fulfilling of a dream.

Our minds still work as we sleep, organizing and defragmenting our days to prepare us for what may be over the horizon. Some of the best things in my life have had an air of deja vu about them. As we rest, we often get a subconscious spark, which may ignite a fire — a pilot light within us — a flame to forge our perceptions and notions of whatever circumstances may be before us to fuel the day ahead.

When people are smiling and seem to be enjoying life, I admire and respect them for doing what gives them joy. When a person is doing what they love and making good things happen, wherever and whenever that may be, that is the sweetest success. It is heartwarming, and we, too, feel the glow. Be glad for them and feel blessed enough to be a witness. Happiness, after all, is what the best dreams are made of.
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