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Christmas Presents

It's almost time for me to start wrapping Christmas presents. I'll get on that as soon as I get past the annual procrastination of actually finding gifts. I'm not totally behind, as I've a few tucked away already. But admittedly, my ever-evolving virtual list includes many lingering unpurchased gifts. So, wrapping day often ends up being a blur of ...

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Publisher's Perspective

Looking back over the years, I've really begun to appreciate the fact that I grew up in a small town. There was a time that growing up in a small town may have seemed to keep me, and those with whom I interacted daily, far from the big world beyond. In our more adventurous years, during our youth and early adulthood, we often had the urge to break ...

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Refiner’s Fire

Crisp fall mornings have made their way back into our lives, and the time has come for us to settle like the tree sap and slow down a little. The forests will soon be covered in the magnificent hues of our southern autumn, and the time to frolic in the leaves and enjoy fall festivals has arrived. To me, fall is a time to relax and recover from the ...

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Be An Inspiration

Today would be a good day to be an inspiration. It would be a good day to guide someone through a difficult period in his/her life. Quite often, we don't need to understand the situation — we truly don't. Discover the power of empathy as a useful tool, and the strength that may manifest from it. An essential ingredient of daily life is simple kindn...

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Built From the Community for the Community

 I've been reflecting on a very satisfying nine years of publishing our community magazines for you to enjoy each month. Before we opened our doors in July 2013, our plan was to deliver a publication that put your family and our community first while promoting local businesses and providing a resource to help readers schedule exciting evenings...

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“A dream is not reality, but who is it to say which is which?” ~ Lewis Carroll

 Ever since I was a young boy, dreams have been interesting and intriguing to me. Seldom do I remember the ones I have while sleeping; however, on occasion, I may wake in the night to recall a dream I've just had. As early as fourth grade, my most memorable recurring dream is one of flying from the second-story balcony of a large concrete buil...

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Publisher's Perspective

 Last June, I received a most memorable letter in the office mail — a letter from my father who was reaching out after many years of absence from my life. See, my father had felt it best to part ways with me and my brother many years ago in the confusion of the times. Among rumors of his declining health, I had decided to simply "let him be," ...

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A Mother’s Love

Well, the "seasons of April" have passed us now. What a strange weather month that was. Now, it is time for sweet May to unfold the colorful gardens and bounty of spring. This month, we are reminded of the beauty of nature, fresh life and growth, and the importance of nurturing and caring for the young. It's obvious to me why we celebrate our mothe...

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Spring Cleaning

Better late than never, right? Spring has always been filled with inspiration for me, in life and in my career. The warmer temperatures tend to lead us outdoors, and we're generally more active than in the colder months. The newness of life almost always helps generate a more youthful spirit. It's good to be able to get outside for cutting brush, w...

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Brighten Someone’s Day

While driving down Highway 20 on the way to the office the other day, I was sorting through many thoughts including magazine deadlines, multiple family schedules, and a wealth of others. But my eyes were focused on the road ahead when I noticed a squirrel in the distance, patiently perched and alert between the two solid yellow lines. This squirrel...

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Stars From Afar

A couple of months ago, I was enjoying one of our annual southeastern meteor showers, the Geminids, with my family under a clear winter sky. The question arose, "Why do stars twinkle?" I grasped at my words, finding fault in what I was trying to say while I was saying it (as I admittedly do sometimes). Growing up, I was told, "Think before you spea...

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Sure Footing

As they learn to walk, toddlers are known to "toddle," clumsily propelling themselves forward, often on the verge of taking a spill. No one is born with all the necessary abilities and skills needed to take one step at time when learning to walk. Many of us still struggle with this concept in other areas of our lives. As we grow, we learn that bala...

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Sharing Our Gifts

Each one of us is born with certain gifts and various combinations of talents that set us apart from those in our circle of friends, family, and others. As we progress through the years, our talents and gifts may change, or perhaps that which makes us special matures and gets better over time, becoming even more precious. The joy of possessing indi...

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Feel Great, Be Grateful

With everything going on these days, sometimes it's easy to let blessings go unnoticed. We need to remain focused on being grateful for the little things that make our lives easier, save us a bit of time, or just bring smiles to our faces. It's good for the soul when we recognize how much sweeter life can be when we acknowledge our blessings.Little...

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Harvest Some Time With Friends

The blanket of leaves that covers the ground during autumn is a preface to cozy and comfortable days that will soon be upon us. Much like the way I could never pick one piece of music as my favorite, I've never been able to decide which of the seasons is dearest to me. During this time of year, the light of day takes on a warmer hue, as it reflects...

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Patiently Persevering

Last month, when my family and I were in the weeks of blending our summer with the back-to-school regimen, we suddenly found a time when all of our calendars were mostly clear. Looking forward to some downtime, we chose to reserve a campsite and enjoy the lake.On the way to the campsite, we came upon a truck partially parked off the roadway, and I ...

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“Whatever you are, try to be a good one.” ~ William Thackery

The summer seems to be flying by, as Cherokee County students head back to school this month. During this season, we've been able to get out and enjoy our fine local weather, live music, festivals, and fairs. Choosing to spend quality time with our families instead of just our "spare" time is one blessing many of us have learned to appreciate more ...

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“An escalator can never break; it can only become stairs.” -Mitch Hedberg, comedian

One Sunday last month, I was visiting a different church than the one I typically frequent. The Hedberg quote was on the front of the bulletin, and it was familiar to me because I'd pondered it in the past. I found it satisfying to realize that something as simple as an escalator may have inspired me. Initially, I thought to myself, "Yes! Escalator...

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Pebbles to Pathways

One of the keys to building a successful future is appreciating the fact that we each have a history that has molded us, causing us to exist as the individuals we are today. Without the broken roads, lost deals, sorrowful times, and storms, we may not have had the opportunities for arrival, success, and happiness that we celebrate, as the person ea...

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Springing Up

The late April showers and soft transition of temperatures that set the course for this year's May flowers were a wonderful blessing. I almost always have a rain jacket or umbrella and never let the weather get me down. Since I can't change it, I try to control the "controllables" by being adaptable and prepared. There are many things that we have ...

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