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Planning For The Future

Have you ever been asked where you would like to be in five years? It's something to think about. After setting your goal, then you set out on the journey. As many of our elected officials did before them, Ball Ground Mayor A.R. (Rick) Roberts and the City Council continue to plan. Every five years, the Georgia Department of Community Affairs requi...

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In Remembrance

 The love and support that has been shown to the families of Councilwoman Karen Barnett and Officer Joe Burson over the past several weeks has been nothing short of incredible. We are grateful to our neighbors — those in our backyard and those across the nation — who have reached out to offer their condolences and asked what they could do to f...

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Leading With Excellence

The City of Canton recently held three public readings to adopt the millage rate and prepare for the final adoption of the 2022 operating budget. In many respects, this is one of the most important formal processes that I along with the City Council and City staff follow each year to ensure tax dollars are allocated and spent in the most responsibl...

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This Article Is Not About Cookies

If this article was titled "Planning and Zoning," you wouldn't have read this far. But please continue — it will be worth your time.If you are reading this, there's a good chance you may have also read a recent headline proclaiming, "Canton May Scrap Planning Commission." When the article is hidden behind a paywall, people understandably react to t...

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What You Do Today Can Make a Big Difference 100 Years From Now

 People often say, "This won't matter a hundred years from now." While it's true that a lot of things won't matter, many things will. Keeping a record of important events is a must. Otherwise, younger generations will not know how things came to be. During my 36 years of being the Ball Ground city clerk, I've referred back to minutes of previo...

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Go, Go Golf Carts

 On September 17, the Canton City Council approved a Personal Transportation Vehicle (PTV) ordinance, which can be found under chapter 58, article V, section 58 of the City's Municipal Code. If you don't want to look it up, here are fast facts at a glance: What is a PTV?A personal transportation vehicle is defined as all electric- and gasoline...

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Maintaining Excellence in Holly Springs

The City of Holly Springs has been awarded funding to complete Phase III of its Holly Springs Parkway Widening Project from the State Road and Tollway Authority through the Georgia Transportation Infrastructure Bank. Phase III, identified as a priority in the City's most recent 5-year Capital Improvement Plan, will widen Holly Springs Parkway from ...

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Coming to Canton! New Entertainment Options and Workforce Housing

Canton's City Council recently approved Master Plan amendments and conditional use permits for Crystal Lagoon and Avanta, located just off Reinhart College Parkway.

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Ball Ground Garden Club Celebrates 70 Years

The Ball Ground "Anetsa-/ga-Da" Garden Club is celebrating its 70th anniversary this year. Anetsa-/ga-Da is "Ball Ground" in the Cherokee language. 

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Finding Comfort in Art During the Pandemic

Around one year ago, scientists began cautioning us about a new virus that had the potential to become a serious, life-disrupting pandemic. Face masks and "shelter-in-place" became hot topics. Through all the anxiety and uncertainty, one familiar experience gave us an escape: the arts.

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Ways To Get Involved in Holly Springs Government

Residents and business owners often wonder how they can become more involved in Holly Springs government.

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Discover Ball Ground And Meet It's Elected Officials

City of Ball Ground Mayor Rick Roberts and City Council held their first meeting of 2021 on January 14. Though the meeting was in a different format, it was business as usual. This year marks the 25th consecutive year that Mayor Roberts has called a Council meeting to order. He is Ball Ground's longest serving mayor on record.

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Canton's 2021 State of the City Address

In my 2020 State of the City, I reported that Canton was strong and making great progress. A few weeks later, we began dealing with a global pandemic. However, our City Council, staff, and police department responded by going above and beyond to move Canton forward. Together, we survived a challenging year while continuing our quest to become the "Coolest Small Town in America!"

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The City of Canton Cultivating a Culture of Inclusion

When I was considering a run for Canton City Council, I received overwhelming support. But every now and then, I'd run into what amounted to this message: Who do you think you are? You were not born here. Once or twice that message extended to include: Plus, you're a woman — an outspoken woman.

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Holly Springs Happenings

In December, requests for bids went out for the demolition of the former location of Cherokee FOCUS and the Holly Springs Public Works Department, which are located behind Cherokee County Fire Station #8, as well as Building A and the pole barn at 411 Hickory Road. These buildings are scheduled to come down to make way for residential structures in the Town Center and the future Hickory Springs Parkway. The demolition and cleanup should be finished by the end of winter.

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Look Out 2021, Here We Come!

Although 2020 brought many unexpected changes, let us not dwell on the past, but look forward to the future. Ball Ground businesses are alive and well. Come spend the day and see for yourself. Enjoy dining and shopping that you won't find in just any small town.

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Canton - A Place for Everyone To Call Home

As a historic mill town with great parks, restaurants, shopping, and access to the Etowah River, Canton offers City officials a unique opportunity to continue to develop this area as a destination for residents and visitors to live, work, and play. Canton is experiencing immense population growth, which has led to an increased demand for housing options. This trend is expected to continue, as it has for the past two decades.

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Canton Is Speeding Towards Becoming the Coolest Small Town in America

 A year ago, I was enjoying the honeymoon period after my election, but little did I know there would be a global pandemic less than three months into my administration. However, with the hard work of our team at Canton City Hall and a dedicated City Council, we not only responded to the unprecedented circumstances that defined 2020 but also managed to build great momentum for our future.

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Recent Developments in Holly Springs

The City of Holly Springs has continued to progress despite the limitations the pandemic has imposed.

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2020 — A Year of Change and Progress in Ball Ground

As we near the end of 2020, we can finish the year on a positive note or look back with regret and disappointment. Although we've all faced many trials, it's best to take a moment to reflect on what we are thankful for rather than focus on the negative.

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