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Ease On Down the Road(map)!

The City of Canton is springing forward! In November 2022, we held our winter Council retreat to review our progress on the measurable goals established in our Roadmap for Success, which is a 15-year strategic plan that was adopted at the end of 2020. The Roadmap contains eight tenets that focus on the top priorities as defined and vetted by our citizens through public input.

After City staff provided a comprehensive review and updates on ongoing projects, we were delighted to determine that nearly 70% of the projects in the initial 15-year plan had been completed or are nearing completion within the second year of implementation. As I mentioned in my State of the City address, how many governing bodies can say, "Perhaps we didn't dream big enough?" So, at our March 2023 retreat, we set our goals higher, as we embark on our Roadmap 2.0 initiatives.

By the time this article is published, many of you will have had an opportunity to hear about and give additional feedback on many of Roadmap 2.0 projects, but my word limit will not allow me to cover all the exciting plans to unfold in 2023 alone. For a complete report of our retreat and Roadmap updates, please visit

However, I do want to take this opportunity to highlight some of the more notable projects and upcoming initiatives that will continue to make Canton the "Coolest Small Town in America":

Abeyance and Zoning
Mayor and Council are committed to the continuation of the 12-month abeyance of all new residential projects, as we continue a comprehensive and strategic review of the City's zoning categories, growth boundary agreements with the county, and all the data from the 2020 census and our recent housing study updates. A staff-level committee will be formed to provide recommendations to the mayor and Council for restructuring and simplifying the City's zoning table.

South Canton Park and New Dog Park
We have received initial project concepts for south Canton's first new park, including an innovative dog park, one of our citizens' top priorities in the Roadmap. Public input sessions have been held, and design plans are in process for this exciting new addition to our wonderful City parks.

Arts and Culture
The Cultural Arts Commission has finalized the City's Public Arts Master Plan, the first phase of a long-term commitment to enhancing quality of life in Canton by celebrating and promoting all forms of creative, artistic, and cultural endeavors. Roadmap 2.0 involves elevating the importance of art and culture for all residents, young and old, and we are even considering the possibility of an exciting new Creative District as part of our zoning review.

Transportation and Infrastructure
There are simply too many significant projects to mention here, so please review the complete notes on our website!

Our Roadmap, like our city, is a work in progress, and our work is never done. However, the City of Canton will continue to spring to new life with a steadfast focus on listening to its citizens and building upon the Roadmap they created for our community. 

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